3 Tips To Your Success

Tip #1 Don’t sit on the sidelines! If you make plans schedule it all out but don’t take any action, nothing will happen and chances are someone else will steal your thunder.

If you want to be a success or millionaire in every sense of the word, take action.

Tip #2 Be a strategic entrepreneur, not an opportunist. Strategic entrepreneurs seek out and look for alliances, long-term growth and solutions with their suppliers, prospects and clients.

Opportunists are just looking for the next quick way to make a buck!

Tip #3 Protect & Value Your Time & When In Doubt, Bail Out!

Last week I was in a meeting with a new client who insisted on answering his phone 3 times while we were together. Once I can live with. Twice I’ll get narky but three times in 15 minutes. I don’t think so.

When I meeting with clients, my time is just as important as theirs and if they don’t understand that well, there’s a good chance they won’t become part of the ECMC tribe.

The vibe I got from this guy was he was really unorganized, wanted me to write his website copy for nothing and something just didn’t sit right. So when in doubt, bail out

If you don’t value and protect your time you’ll be a slave to your inbox your phone and people who think they can interrupt your day whenever they feel like it because you’ve let them.

What’s your success tip?

I’d love to hear it so leave it below and have an awesome day.

Jaffaman Eddie

The Guy In Charge


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