Recently Maree Jacobson, emailed me asking how she can write a opening lead sentence for her sales letter that will grab her target audiences attention!

Now, there’s no shortage of ways to grab people’s attention with your lead opening sentence and headline, the problem is, most letters and a lot of web copy, like Maree’s fail to make a connection and are downright dull!

So, here are six lead lead sentences you can use in print and online to help peak curiosity and grab people’s attention.
1. This letter or website comes with a promise! (People will ask themselves, what promise and they’ll read onto find out more).

2. I’m looking for a small and elite group of men & woman! (Remember when American Express first came out? They sold the exclusivity of being a American Express cardholder which drove their membership rates through the roof).

3. I’ll assume your………….. is important to you? Example – I’ll assume your health and finances are important to you?

4. It’s tragic but true! (Then explain the main problem in the next following sentence, then position your product or service as the solution in the sentence after that).

5. Are you fed up with ? Example: Are you fed up with worrying about cash flow… rising costs and working 21 hours a day?

6. I have a confession to make! (People love hearing gossip and they relate to stories on a personal level).

The take-away action step! Make an effort to create lead opening sentences that support your headline that will gain attention, have impact and peak peoples curiosity. Over time, your marketing returns online and offline
will be much better for it!
Until next time, have a great day

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