Want to know How To Write Great Copy? Here’s A quick and easy Direct Response Copywriting Formula: 


Coming off the back of the John’s Hurd presentation yesterday a few people have emailed me asking

“What was the formula I mentioned to writing great direct response copy?”

Well there are a few different formulas and ways to do things like everything else in life and business but the one copywriting formula I mentioned yesterday was the Problem, Agitate, Solve formula.

I didn’t invent this formula but this is one of the most common and extensively used formulas used by direct response copywriters and others in business because it works.

The problem, agitate and solution direct response copywriting formula.

Step 1. Create a Problem Solution Headline – that targets your audience’s biggest fear

Step 2. Agitate – Then agitate that problem using either a sub header under headline or in your lead opening sentence

Step 3. Solution – The solve the prospects problem positioning you or your product and service as the solution to their problem

Step 4. Supply Proof – That could be a testimonial, a case study, before and after shots if you have a visual service which you could feature in either video or text or both and

Step 5. CTA – Call To Action- You have to motivate them to take action there and then so they take the desired action you want them to take. Example: For hassle free refinancing on your mortgage pick up the phone and call us on XXX XXX XXX before XYZ.

Step 6. Also get crystal clear on whether you are trying to achieve. Are you trying to create a lead or a sale and just stick to that one purpose.

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