Customer Name: Sue McKeen

Company: PG&A Accountants & Advisors Pty Ltd, Gold Coast

By: Jaffaman Eddie, Chief Copywriter & Marketer

Creative Copywriting Solutions

Part of Eddie’s Enterprises, Gold Coast Australia

Sue and I first met about six year’s ago. Some of the things I love about Sue are her integrity, honesty, savvy business skills and positive energy.

After 20 years in the same offices Sue relocated PG& Accountants and Advisors Pty Ltd into new offices at Emerald Lakes on the Gold Coast. In that move she decided it was also a good time to update her website as well so she gave me a call.

“My staff or me don’t have the time or skills to put into words what makes PG & Accountants different from our competitors. Even though we know what we want to say, we’re just not sure how to say it so it delivers the results and message we want.” says Sue.

“Like accounting, copywriting, marketing and branding are specialist skills which can pay for themselves over and over but a lot of businesses do not grasp or embrace this.

“I also got Eddie to do the web copy because I wanted to work with someone who knew me & understood what we were trying to achieve.

“And because I get his copywriting & marketing bulletin blast e-newsletter it gave me insight into Eddie’s mindset and methods which I connected with and believed in before using his services.

“Eddie delivers a great service with a difference that has lots of added surprises & added values. I only wish I knew he did the website design as well before I signed on with another service because I think getting the website copy written by Eddie and having my new website designed by a marketer like Eddie would be a real bonus.

“He gave me a free tagline, a heap of practical marketing idea’s moving forward and kept our project on track because I’m time poor and I love that I can just contact him and it’s taken care of.

“It’s a great feeling knowing I have my very own pro copywriter & someone of Eddie’s expertise and credibility helping me and I look forward to a long and profitable business association together.”

Sue McKeen

PG& A Accountants & Advisors Pty Ltd

Emerald Lakes, Gold Coast

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