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Do you send out quotes and invoices?


Most people in business do but that’s all they do.


Which is a BIG lost opportunity.




Because event though they may not be customers yet, you have to shoot your BIGGEST MARKETING BULLETS every chance you get.


So here’s a little tip that takes 10 minutes to implement… will only cost you a little bit of time and will pay off BIG Time for converting more of quotes into paying customers and your invoices into referral gold.


What is it?


Featuring testimonials on quotes and invoices.


It’s that simple. Featuring testimonials on your quotes helps overcome buyer’s remorse and builds instant credibility with new prospects.


Putting them on your invoices, drives home to existing customers how you have helped other people… shows off maybe another service you provide and helps position you as the ‘Go To’ experts in your field.


Anyway give it go it works and share your insights with us below.


Jaffaman Eddie over and out!




P.S For more tips like these for your direct response skills and business check out the show here.

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