Mad Keen Fishing and Merv Hughes update

Hi there readers

One of the things I love most about being a copywriter and marketer is the variety of people I get to meet and learning about their products and services.

Probably why I’ve been in the game for almost 31 years and out on my own for 16.

It also means no two customers or days are the same which is something I REALLY love and need!

And while I wish I could share every project we work on with the viewers and fans, I cannot.

The core reason for that is confidentiality, however, there are times and projects that I can share with you

And this is one of those instances.

This project consists of working with a business by the name of “Mad Keen”, Merv Hughes Fishing and us.

The services we’re providing at this stage are to consult on marketing strategies and to write online and offline sales copy to help them acquire new clients and reactivate older clients.

So far this has included writing some website copy for them, writing their brochure and catalogue copy, two reactivation phone scripts and email auto responder campaigns.

Anyway, enjoy the video and I’ll keep you posted.

Best wishes

Eddie & the team


Commander In Chief


Eddie’s Enterprises

About Eddie –  Eddie is an “A-List” copywriter and marketer in partnership and connection with small businesses service professionals, Entrepreneurs and others hungry to multiply new and repeat sales online & offline using direct response copywriting, marketing and personal branding.

In 2014 he featured in the Australian Entrepreneur’s book, was nominated for a Telstra Business award, has featured in the New Zealand Herald and since 2003 has been “Igniting Words Into Money With A Love Your Sales Copy Guarantee” under the Eddie brand.

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