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ATTENTION SME’s, Website Designers, Marketing Managers and other Sales Professionals.

Now you can look over my shoulder… pick my brains and watch me rework your marketing before your very eyes and if I can’t improve the marketing piece or pieces you give me in the two or three hour session it’s FREE!

Whether you are new to marketing or have sound marketing knowledge people just like YOU are doing amazing things. 

“Just like the legal profession say, if you represent yourself in court you have a fool for a client. The same can easily be said for marketing and in particular copywriting. Make the wise choice like I did and use Eddie for copywriting training.” – Adam

But here’s a word of caution as well…

Before you and I can improve your marketing you have the responsibility to accept and take a few things on board.  You’re busy and so am I. I don’t want to waste your time and you don’t to waste mine. Secondly your marketing is not about you. It’s about your customers. Third. I only hold these copywriting coaching sessions on Saturday mornings at my Copywriting & Marketing Headquarters at Brendan Drive Nerang.

You also have to bring the marketing pieces you want to work with me either on a laptop in MS Word format or hardcopy and turn off your phone off for the entire session.

If you can live with those few rules and concepts and are as serious about money, your business and marketing as I think you are book your copywriting training session with me today by phoning me on : 0412 288 339 or emailing me here.

Standard Two – Hour  Starter Copywriting Session

Book a two hour session and you’ll also receive:

• INCREDIBLE BONUS GIFT #1. – A FREE copy of my ‘Ignite Words Into Money’ E-book valued at $49 full of online and offline copywriting tips

• INCREDIBLE BONUS GIFT #2. – A FREE copy of my ’51 Ways to Market Your Business for Under $47′ report and the two hour copywriting session for an amazingly affordable $131 or…

Deluxe Session 

Book a Three – Hour Copywriting session and you’ll receive these 3 BONUS GIFTS WORTH OVER $750

• BONUS GIFT #1. – A FREE copy of my ‘Ignite Words Into Money’ E-book valued at $49 full of online and offline copywriting tips

BONUS GIFT #2. A FREE Marketing Fuel Gift pack valued at $567 which is full of money-making copywriting and marketing info you can action almost instantly

• BONUS GIFT #3. A Free one hour follow up session valued at $147 and the three – hour session which is over $750 in total all for just $231 but there are only 19 Deluxe sessions available at this price so be quick.

Whatever your  budget book your private copywriting coaching session with me now so your marketing and advertising not only get’s noticed but puts more money in your hands or it’s FREE. 

If you’re as serious about money, your business and marketing as I think you are, secure your copywriting training session with me today by emailing me here or phoning me on: 0412 288 339 during business hours.

It’s going to be fun, informative and profitable or it’s FREE.

BOOK NOW or call me on: 0412 288 339 now.

Jaffaman Eddie

Copywriting Coaching Clinics, Creative Copywriting & Content Solutions, Nerang, Gold Coast. Image

FAQ’s from some people who’ve done one before you… 

Q. Marks asks “What type of marketing pieces can I bring to my session Jaffaman?”

A. “Pretty much any piece (or pieces) of marketing you like Mark. Maybe you have some website copy that’s not quite right and you’d like me to re-work that. Maybe you’re a local sales business or a butcher, local fish n chip shop or lolly supplier with a generic flyer that sort of works and you think you can make it bring in more money you’re just not sure how to go about making the copy stronger? mAybe you have  sales brochure or a piece that HAS NOT BEEN printed yet and you want me to re-work that. Bring it on!”

Q. “These are individual copywriting training sessions right?”

A. “Yes. Just you and me and the marketing pieces you bring me to rework for your business for either the two or three hour session of your choice.”

Q. “I notice the three-hour session is only available to the first 19 people. Why only 19 people?” Nolan Sunshine Coast.

A. “Well making money is not my main focus here. I get a great sense of helping people improve their lives, their businesses and their marketing out of these sessions. I also want to only help those who want to be helped. Plus I get to make some great friends and business alliances along the way. So I limit the deluxe session to the first 19 people only as there are longer and more indepth. This way the people that really want it NOW can get it and the procrastinators can try their luck at a later date if they want.”

Q. “Why so cheap? $131 for two- hour session and $231 for three hours with over $750 in FREE GIFTS?”

A. “Because you have to sit with me for the two or three hours you book.. bring me your marketing and tell me about your customers, want they want and what they struggle with?

“You also have to share with me why you think your business is a better option than your competitors and tell me other things I will need to know as we go so I can improve that piece of marketing for you on the spot.”

Q. Nancy asks “Can I book my copywriting training session for a few weeks time?”

A. “Of course you can. I’m busy, you’re busy we’re all busy but it is a case of ‘first in first served’ and I’m not sure how long I am going to keep holding these sessions for. Once you have booked it and paid for it though it is yours and you can reschedule it if you need to.”

Q. SME Maree asks “I want a three hour session for $231. Can I pay 50% now and pay the other 50% before we hold the session?”

A. Yes! You want to grow… make more money and improve your skills that’s an attitude and mindset I’m proud to support, nuture and guide. If you’d like to pay a 50% deposit on the three hour session and the 50% balance before we hold the session that’s cool but it’s only for the three-hour Deluxe session okay?” Just mention you want to pay 50% deposit when you book it.

Q. “Eddie are you GST Registered and do I receive a Tax Invoice for my copywriting session?”

A. “YES we are GST registered and YES YOU will receive a tax invoice for the copywriting training session so it should even be tax deductible.”

Got a question?

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If you’re not doing this, you’re probably losing money…

“I gave Eddie our Business Goals, Ethos and Overview and like a Jack-In-the-box, he came out with so many creative, practical and exciting ideas, our marketing is just about covered for the next 2 years.  Thank you Eddie, I just love your copy.” – Kathy Kirov, Director, Coupon Gold

and this…

“Eddie’s friendly, confident can-do helpful attitude is so refreshing in a world of sameness! Love his energy, positive vibes and just keep the great quality and copywriting service coming.” – Joy Whitbread

Terms: Sessions are only available Saturday mornings. Prices shown do not include GST but GST will be added at time of booking and invoice generation. Payment in full is required in advance prior to session taking place. ECMC reserves the right to change any session booked by notifying the attendee and rescheduling or giving them their money back and refusing or declining any person they feel are not suitable.