Best Copywriter Referral Strategies. One of the best referral strategies I’ve used this year…

Get The Referrals You Crave Without The Inhibitions

Here’s one of the Best Copywriter Referral Strategies I’ve used this year that I thought you may like to try as well

When people are about to buy your product or use your service you ask them if they want to pay the normal fee or get the referral reward or fee?

When they ask, “What is the difference?” tell them

“A lot of our business comes from referrals and we like to thank our customers for that. So if you know two or three people who you think would be interested in our services supply us with their details and we’ll give you a…

A widget
 A dinner voucher
Movie pass or even
A referral price saving

Best of all, you can use this referral strategy whether you’re a copywriting and marketing service, business broker, financial whiz, plumber, signwriter, in retail whatever.

Some argue that people will just give you names of anyone to get the added value freebie whatever that may be and that’s true.

However, 76% of the referrals I’ve received using this strategy have resulted in qualified referrals and of course the proofs in the action and the testing. 

That’s all about the Best Copywriter Referral Strategies. 


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