An Overlooked Secret to Success: Want to know a key secret to success that will help you personally & professionally in 2010?

The answer: Consistency. Plain and simple.

Have you ever gone to the gym once and got a new body? Of course you haven’t. It takes discipline and consistent effort to lose weight, become healthier or create that six-pack of rock hard abs like I’ve got… ha ha.
And seeing Tiger Woods is in the news for all the wrong reasons, did you know his father Earl would stand in front of Tiger and keep walking towards him as Tiger hit golf balls over his head? Thanks to consistent practice, Earl would end up just a few feet away from Tiger, at which point Tiger would hit a shot that went almost straight up in the air and landed on his father’s head!
Now without that consistent practice, none of that would be possible. The good news is you and I are no different!
When it comes to a secret to success, I have a few simple ones. 
• Family comes first
• Be consistent, practice writing lead generation copy every day
• Keep using the marketing strategies that work, ditch the ones that don’t
• Keep creating the habit of working on lead generation for my business for one hour every day
• Keep treating people, strangers and clients how I like to be treated
• Listen to my gut – when in doubt bailout!
• Keep investing in myself
• Keep looking and moving forward in business and life
• Leave perfection to perfectionists
• Avoid buying into negative vibes
• What I think about is what I bring about
• Don’t sweat the small stuff
• Keep raising the bar
So whether you want more money, more success, more freedom or more happiness in 2010, be consistent in your actions and strategies to achieve whatever it is you desire to make it happen.

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“Eddie, you’ve done it! Having you critique my follow up letter has increased my conversion rate from 5% to 9% so your suggestions have nearly doubled my response. Also love the way you told me how and what to change in my copy. I didn’t have to re-write all my copy which was a bonus and you made it easy, simple with no hype. Thanks, I’ll be telling my friends in business they need to contact you for a copy critique.”




Sarah Millenson, SME, Northern Territory
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That’s it, It’s time for me to go so have a Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year!
Best wishes in life, love, business and health.


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For lead generation copywriting tips, copywriting specials, Eddie infotainment TV and some marketing strategies browse this site.



Eddie Bryant
The Guy In Charge
Eddie’s been writing lead generation copy for business websites, letters, direct mail packages, video scripts, print ads, flyer’s, emails and sharing his ‘secret to success’ copywriting knowledge on a freelance basis with business owners big and small all over the world for the past five years.
His passion for copywriting, group & private copywriting coaching and personal brand image techniques and infotainment help you reach
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