21 Marketing Tips By Creative Copywriting & Content Solutions, Nerang, Gold Coast. 

21 Marketing Tips By Creative Copywriting & Content Solutions, Nerang, Gold Coast. 

21 “Ah Ha” Marketing Lessons E.M.C. Members Live And Market By

Want to know what I really love about being in business?

Helping people and the list below is a perfect example of what I mean.

Recently a new business owner asked the question on LinkedIn – “As a young business owner starting my own business has been one of the most risky decisions I’ve ever made. With the first year of starting, I’m hoping to reach out to the community here of other business owners and entrepreneurs to ask why your business has been successful?”


I got such great feedback about this list that I wanted to share it with you and the other members as well.

You see these marketing lessons and mindset principles can be extremely powerful when you believe them and action them consistently which is what being Eddie Marketing Club member is all about.

By taking action and living them you’ll become a stronger and more practical and knowledgable business owner which will grow your business, income, your mind and your lifestyle. 

So enjoy them, print them, read them every morning, action them and live them!

#1. The numbers don’t lie and what is measured improves: What we think is irrelevant. Track and measure every piece of marketing you do. The proof is in the testing.

#2. The best businesses, products or services don’t win anymore, the best marketers do

#3.  Marketing is not something you learn; it’s something you do – Dan Kennedy

#4. The fortune is in the follow through so you will always have a follow up system.

#5. When you try to be all things to all people, you are nothing to no one

#6. Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect- Mark Twain

#7. I will throw out my ‘what we do” sheep marketing mindset and replace it with a “How I can help you” marketing

#8. Do what needs to be done, before it needs to be done 

#9. Actions and implementation speak louder than words 

#10. The most valuable customer you and your business have is the customer that just bought from you 

#11. Learn to read your prospects mind and walk in their shoes Focus on ‘Who’ your prospects are, what they worry about, what they dream about and how your product or service helps or solves the core problem they have.

#12. Invest in yourself and skills

#13. Go with your gut instinct. Your first response or reaction is usually the right one

#14. Be the ‘marketer’ of your thing, not the ‘doer’ of your thing – Dan Kennedy

#15. People do business with people. Use the CVP Credibility, visibility and profitability model 

#16. Mentors YES!

#17. Stick to your guns and help educate and advise people. 

#18. Before any purchase ask yourself “Is It a Need or a Want?” 

#19. Respect your time – don’t start your day answering to everyone else’s demands. Check emails twice a day and that’s it.

#20. Have systems in place for follow-ups, enquiries, lead generation, and costing’s and other processes. Automate where possible but with limited resources manually has to do. 

#21. Start small and think REALLY REALLY BIG and don’t just do it, LIVE IT!

“A Good Time Had By All…”

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