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Today I’m giving Eddie & ECMC 10 out 10. After calling a few of his competitors to write a ‘Break The Ice’ acquisition email marketing campaign, Eddie was the only one who returned my call and advise me about how we could improve on my original idea read the rest


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From: Jaffaman Eddie, The Guy In Charge, Creative Copywriting Solutions, Eddie’s Copywriting & Marketing Centre, Eddie’s Enterprises

I’d like to say our direct response copywriting and marketing services are sexier than the headline above but they’re not

The headline above does highlight a few copywriting and marketing principles though.

First, most businesses are invisible and can’t create demand or sales these days because they have “mixed and complicated marketing messages”

Second, 97% of marketing messages are generic when they need to be “for somebody” and that’s where our direct response copywriting and marketing services come in.

You see, we’ve been helping small businesses create new and repeat customers for over 13 years by writing website copy, email sequences, direct response marketing, shock n awe packs and other online and offline marketing collateral for somebody while plenty of our cheap and nasty copy writing competitors foreign and domestic have come and gone.

Now I’m not going to give you some sales hype about how you can transform your marketing results overnight if you use our services. If you want to fall for such nonsense that’s up to you. All I’m going to do is say ” if you’re tired of trying to create demand for your business and being invisible and sick of cheap and nasty copywriting and marketing services and all the magic marketing fads out there call me on: 0412 288 339.

Once you do, I’ll give you some proven copywriting and direct response marketing recommendations on how to increase leads or repeat sales and you can find out more about me, ECMC and why we’re one of Australia’s most trusted and the only copywriting and marketing service centre giving you

• A “Love Your Sales Copy Guarantee”

• “After Project” Follow Up Tweak & Tune Up Service

• Marketing Focused Niche Copywriters

• Fixed Delivery Date

• 13 years service

• Fixed prices

• 30 years in the industry

• Why I featured in 2014 Australian Entrepreneurs Book

• And why I was nominated for a 2014 Telstra Business Award nominee

“Finally, a Direct response copywriter and marketer who understands what I, my business, marketing goals and customers are all about.” Robert Dybala, Business Development Manager, Myconnect


As for me, I started out 13 years ago in a garage. There are now several businesses under the ‘Eddie” brand and I have been in marketing and copywriting industry for nearly 30 years. I was featured in the Australian Entrepreneurs book and other publications and are gaining the reputation as one of Australia’s most trusted and recognisable brands.

Basically if honesty, transparency, experience and integrity with  B.S. free marketing and copywriting services that deliver a return on investment are important to you call me on my private number at 0412 288 339 so you can find out a bit more. It’s really that easy.

Some of copy writing, marketing and website design customers 

Eddie's Copywriting and Marketing Centre Clients

For more direct response copywriting and marketing clients go here but please respect my clients privacy.

Now I’m not going to make a lot of hyped up promises like a lot of other Australian marketing services, websites and other copywriting services make.

After you’ve had a chance to see some of the people we’ve helped call me on my private number at 0412 288 339. That way you can find out more about me, my team and if we can work together to help you get you more sales, new and repeat business and profits for your business as well.

Eddie’s Copywriting and Marketing Centre and the businesses under the ‘Eddie” brand consist of specialist direct response copywriters, journalists, corporate copy writers, proofreaders, website and graphic design services, bloggers and celebrity branding services.  

Sensational ongoing results, the phone calls keep coming in Jaffaman… “Eddie Just a quick note to let you know that your marketing flyer that you put together for us last year has had sensational ongoing results. The phone calls keep coming in and we have recommended your services to a few business associates and are happy to talk to anyone in regards to your wonderful service.” Debbie Holland, Managing Director, Cleaning Support Services 

Read & watch more Eddie Copywriting and marketing testimonials here


The Eddie’s Copywriting & Marketing Story in brief…

 August 2003.  After 13 stellar years with Morris International in direct response copywriting, project management, graphic design and various marketing roles and a further five years as a Creative Director in another company I was asked to relocate to another start and head up a new division. Relocating to another state was out, so Creative Copywriting now Eddie’s Copywriting & Marketing Centre and the businesses under the ‘Eddie’ brand were born.

13 years on and several orange suits later we’ve written over 647 successful online and offline multi step direct marketing copy campaigns that have generated millions in sales for lifestyle and outdoor furniture products, financial services, building and trade services, pet stores, dentists, social media services, property development companies and other professions and services across Australia.



I know there are lot of claims from other solutions providers,

so watch the testimonials and decide for yourself…

If you do not have your “dream” life, business and income yet…

If you’re not attracting the right prospects with the money to spend to your business

If you’re not making money you’d like from your marketing and…

Are still a slave to your marketing.

Pick up the phone and call me on: 0412 288 339 or get in touch with me here so you can start hitting the marketing targets, sleeping at nights and get your marketing making you money again.


An awesome asset to your business & more energy than a can

of Red Bull…

“Professional, client focused, got me new clients and has more energy than a can of Red Bull… Eddie knew my personality and brought it into the content, the audience love it, we had some giggles, formed client trust and he helped me bring to the table new clients for our business. What can I say? Professional, client focused, goes out of his way and has more energy than a can of Red Bull. Highly recommend, his Gold Coast based copywriting and marketing business centre is an awesome asset to your business. Cheers!!” Rob Harrop, Director, Loans For Homes

Talk soon

Jaffaman Eddie

The Guy In Charge T.G.I.C.


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