“Share Your Story & Invite People In” 

Business Writing & Copywriting

If you want to share your story with the right people who have a need for what your business provides, our writing and copywriter services will be of use to you.

Since 2003, we’ve been writing businesses brochures, presentation packs, and other marketing messages and materials with a “Love Your Sales Copy Guarantee”

10 years ago you could write a marketing message, target a specific group of people and expect a predetermined result read more

“Make It Personal & Stay Top Of Mind”

Email Writing Services

While many will disagree with me what I like about email marketing is it is targeted, it can keep you and your brand top of mind, is measurable, affordable, can be shared easily and it’s personal.

This is probably why businesses big and small have been using our email writing services for their email auto responders series and email campaigns with great success to stay top of mind and drive revenues for over 13 years.

Now each person’s needs and businesses email writing needs are different so it is impossible for me to answer specific questions by email. For accurate and speedy advice the best thing to do is phone me 0412 288 339 during office hours


“Need Website Copy That Attracts, Engages & Converts?”

SEO & Website Copywriting

These days, your website copy needs to do a lot of heavy lifting in about three seconds. It needs to be about ‘what’s in it’ for your website visitor and how they will benefit so over time they learn that you are the only choice for them.

It also needs to attract, engage and be for a specific somebody. 

At Creative Copywriting, you’ll receive all this and more so you can capture people’s details, create clicks and start building a relationship with them read more

“Monthly Marketing Made Easy”

Small Business Marketing Packages & Services

Eddie’s Small business done for you marketing service is a gem… “I first met Eddie a few years ago (at a local business networking event) and was impressed by his desire to share  ideas and knowledge on all things relating to content writing, direct response copywriting and marketing a business.

“Like many small business owners, I’m constantly under the pump to deliver on quality and service to our clients and (I’m the first to admit it) find it a huge challenge to sit down and write editorial, copy or marketing  read more


“Get Social & Build Influence”

Digital & Content Writing Services

There’s no denying that social media & technology has changed the face of marketing forever. Nowadays the consumers in charge and there’s a lot of marketing clutter out there so you need to lift the curtain and let people into your business.

Whether you need one-off content writing for e-books, lead magnets, white papers or regular blog posts our digital content writing services can help your business. We can take care of all your blogging  read more

“There’s Nothing Like Being Regular!”

Small Business Marketing Systems

Over the years, I’ve been extremely fortunate to work for, with and learn from some very talented business people. One trait that has stuck with me is that it is the systems we have in place that can be the difference between success and failure in business.

Which is why our small business marketing system division exists. 

We have a wide range of referral and reactivation marketing systems, ‘break the ice’ marketing funnels, lead generation funnels and more to choose from.

Having said that, I understand this is not an easy decision to make so email me about our marketing systems here or call me on 0412 288 339 for a chat

“Eddie writes great copy. As someone who has a love of copywriting in all its Mr Web and Creative Copywriting image facets, I was pleasantly surprised with the angle he took on a piece he was writing for me. It was well done and took a well-targeted approach. I would recommend Eddie and his team for any work you need doing to increase your online conversions and offline direct mail marketing.” Brad Hauck, Mr. Web Marketing



Recent Work

From the blog

Jaffaman eddie Creative CopywritingOur Valued Customer Guarantee Of Service…

Every single word of copy we write is written by myself and my team of niche copywriters and content writers who all based in Australia.

Where all “marketing results” focused I have 30 years industry experience & 13 years of building multiple businesses under the “Eddie” brand. This dramatically improves your chances of marketing success compared with the other options available to you.

For more reasons why Aussie businesses prefer us, check out our reviews or CALL me on 0412 288 339 so you can find out more


About Creative Copywriting Solutions

I started Creative Copywriting Solutions in 2003 from my garage to serve small business. I’m a published copywriter and marketer focused on creating marketing assets for small to medium professional businesses that keep producing results long after the original investment.

My direct response copywriting and personal branding techniques mixed with traditional and unconventional marketing strategies have been raved about and published in the Australian Entrepreneur’s book and many other online and offline publications since 2003.

I’ve been nominated for a Telstra Business award, presented at many business events and since 2003 has been “Igniting Words, Brands and Marketing Into Money With A Love Your Sales Copy Guarantee” under the Eddie brand. Find out more here

“One thing about Eddie no-one can dispute…he doesn’t “farm off” his work to some Junior or someone offshore. He makes sure he understands the Product and the Audience, then gets the job done and provides a progress report on how he’s going!” Laird Marshall, President Southport Chamber of CommerceAccountable List Brokers

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