Copywriting Training Australia

What makes the Copywriting Training Australia courses from Creative Copywriting & Content Solutions different from others you’ll find online?

There is no shortage of copywriting training courses and workshops to choose from. However, our Copywriting Training Australia courses give you a range of added values and standard inclusions other copywriting training courses do not.


These include but are not limited to: 

1. 30 days free support: This means you can call me direct and anytime between Monday through Friday and ask for advice, guidance or help with something we covered in your Copywriting Training Australia course. It could be something you need clarification on or a question about executing or implementing.

This is all FREE for 30 days once you’ve completed one of our copywriting training Australia, content or marketing courses. Other copywriting training services and course you’ll find do not supply free after workshop support and if they do, it usually comes with an additional cost!

2. You can book your Copywriting Training Australia course for a day and time that suits you. It can be during business hours or out of business hour at the time and day that suits you.

3. Unlike many online copywriting training courses, you’ll receive one-on-one copywriting and content training in person or in the comfort of your own home via Skype.

4. Your copywriter or content writing course comes with our exclusive “Love Your Training Or It’s FREE” 100% money back guarantee. 

5. You get access to my 30 years real-world copywriting experience and my 15 years expertise in how to build your own successful copywriting, content and marketing business.

6. Payment can be made by BSB or credit card (charges may apply) and you can book with 50% deposit by calling us on 0412 288 339.

7. Absorb the information easily – Our Copywriting Training Australia courses is only 3 hours long, allowing you to absorb the information easily in small, manageable bites. No scribbled notes, hefty manuals or homework.

8. Our Copywriting Training Australia courses a perfect for start-ups, freelancers, staff and many others in Australian Small Businesses.

9. Affordable and practical Copywriting Training Australia courses – Our Copywriting Training Australia courses start at just $550 GST Inclusive or you and friend can both attend for just $600 GST Inclusive. Plus bulk copywriting, content writing and marketing training rates are available on request.

It’s easy to see why freelance copywriters, digital marketing agencies, entrepreneurs and Australian businesses and their staff have called on Creative Copywriting & Content Solutions real-world Copywriting Training Australia courses since 2003. 

Over the years we’ve taught businesses of all shapes and sizes the marketing, content writing and copywriting skills and methods to get them to the next level and improve their marketing muscle and returns.


“Eddie’s friendly, confident, can-do helpful attitude is so refreshing in a world of sameness! Love his energy, positive vibes and just keep the great quality and copywriting coming.” Joy Whitbread, Knight Frank, Darwin, NT, Australia

Copywriting Training Australia

Select the time, day and Copywriting, Content Or Marketing Training Australia course you want below and phone 0412 288 339 now.


Copywriting Training Australia Courses

  • 3-hour WorkshopHow to write content and copy for your business in half the time it takes you now (includes free workbook valued at $49)
  • 3-hour WorkshopHow to create a lead magnet for your website that captures leads
  • 3-hour WorkshopThe difference between direct response copywriting & image advertising
  • 3-hour WorkshopHow to write a marketing brochure that creates leads and appointments
  • 3-hour WorkshopWebsite “Must Haves” – Includes FREE checklist and template
  • 3-hour WorkshopHow to plan, create and execute an email marketing campaign that works
  • 3-hour Workshop – The basics to direct response copywriting
  • 3-hour Workshop – Direct response copywriting advanced version
  • 3-hour Workshop – Discover the secrets most business owners will never know about writing newsletters

Cost • Single = $550 GST Inclusive or Double two people = $750 GST Inclusive  • Bulk training rates available on request

One of the greatest skills anyone in business can have under their belt is to learn how to communicate effectively. Being able to write words that capture people’s attention can do wonders for your business and increase your profits. Learning to effectively write offers that sell a product or service can pay big rewards in many areas of life and business.

Stop for a moment and think about how many websites there are online, and how much content there is out there to compete with. Better sales copy help small businesses cut through the clutter. 

Book your Copywriting Training Australia course now.

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About your trainer

I’m a well known and published Australian copywriter and business builder. I’m celebrating my 30th year in the copywriting and marketing industry, with over 15 years experience in building my own copywriting training Australia business and brand.


“Eddie did a fabulous job in designing and writing a letter for me. He really understood where I was coming from. I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs help with lead generation copywriting.” – Karen Schmidt CSP, Re-engagement expert, www.letsgrow.com.au


Take control of your businesses content and copywriting today. 

Call me on 0412 288 339 for a chat to find out about how you will benefit with the latest Copywriting Training Australia courses from Creative Copywriting & Content Solutions.

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