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Creative Copywriting & Content Solutions is a lean and mean results-focused online and offline Copywriting and Marketing Centre, based in the Gold Coast, Australia. As one of Australia’s most trusted brands, we help entrepreneurs, franchises and business owners build better businesses and incomes. We assist businesses by eliminating their marketing waste through using proven marketing methods, rather than theory. Our professional copywriting services range from online and offline direct response copywriting and marketing, copywriting and marketing coaching and courses, marketing systems, business information products and personal branding.


Our Services

We provide professional copywriting services to all over Australia, including:Professional Copywriting Services Australia

• Website copywriting

Small business marketing packages

• SEO copywriting

• Same sex marketing campaigns

Copywriting products

• Marketing products

• Business building products

Personal and rockstar branding services and products

Direct response sales letter copywriting

• Sales brochure writing

• Tagline or slogan writing and creation

Print Ad copywriting

• Website landing page or squeeze name capture page writing

• SMS marketing message writing.

Brochure writing

• Proofreading and editing services

Article and blog writing services

• Fax broadcast writing

• Social network writing and management

• Email marketing and e-newsletter writing

Email autoresponder writing services

• Video script writing

• Lead magnet FREE whitepaper, tip sheets, and report writing

• Marketing strategy solutions

• Private and Group Direct response copywriting training

• Small business marketing packs

Marketing funnels and blueprints

Why Choose Us?

Writing effective sales copy takes skills, knowledge and experience. Trying to write your sales copy yourself wastes time and money, and is unlikely to produce profitable results. To sell a product or service, you need targeted writing that will convince your audience to engage with your business. We tailor your marketing strategy, message, and offer specifically to your needs, bringing you the best results for your business.

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