Watch the video below for three other strategies you can use free reports for to create opt-ins… attract new business and increase your customer base. 

Coming off the back of yesterdays Jaffaman Ink e-newsletter about ‘How Barry increased his website Opt-In Rates by 37% in 30 Days’ using a free lead generation report and a few other simple copywriting and marketing techniques, I got flooded with emails and response so thanks everyone for your support, trust, business and copywriting questions.
Anyway a question that really stuck out about the copywriting and marketing of these free lead generation reports came from Wendy in Victoria Australia.

Watch the video below for three more ways I shared with her on how she and you can use free lead generation reports in your business to qualify and create leads for your business.

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“Maybe You Can Use These 9 Tips I Shared With Barry To Increase Your Website Opt-In Rates By 37% in 30 Days Too?”

Last month, Barry called me in a panic asking me a BIG question I usually get asked at least once a week which is…

“How do I attract new business increase my customer base and differentiate my business in a sea of sameness on a tight budget?”

Like I told him,  increasing customers is a system and process and DOES NOT come down to doing just one thing however here’s what I shared with Barry after I had at look at his website…

1. Change the headline from “Welcome to Business Name” to a benefit driven headline that your customer will receive when he or she uses your product.

Quick Website Headline Tip!! I also always try and include on or two key-phrases in the headline to help with organic search engine results.

2. Try and enter the conversation already going on in your customers head by creating lead opening sentences that empathises and engages your target audience. You can also apply that your headline.

3. Ditch the black background and white copy body copy) on your website. It is too hard to read don’t make reading a chore.

4. Add some personality to your business using video, staff celebrations, special announcements and so on.

5. His current call to action was “ For more information please don’t hesitate to contact me.”

Pretty weak a better one may be “If you’d like to eliminate the frustration and heartache of <Target audience problem> pick up the phone and call me on: <XXXXXXXXXXX> or reach me by email here. You have to motivate people and give them a reason to take the action you want them to take.

6. Barry’s website had lots of copy but nothing stood out. Make sure you use subheads to break up the copy because people are time poor, scan readers and goal orientated and if people can’t read your message, they’ll go to the next website.

7. Always follow up with a combination of offline and online marketing with people who download your free report.

8. Barry had a guarantee but it was hidden away on a separate page. Reduce prospects concerns and feature your guarantee in several places throughout your website.

9. I’m a big fan of free reports, white papers and other incentives to capture your website visitors for heaps of reasons.

• They help position you as the the ‘go to experts in your field’. They are the handshake or welcome to our business non-threatening greeting for prospects.

They are stepping stone to building a relationship and trust with new prospects. And when people download your free report or widget you should capture their name so you are building up your database with people who’ve put their hand up and said “Yes I’m Interested, give me the free report or whatever.” Last but not least, free reports are affordable, simple and they work.

Anyway hope you can use tips on your website and to say Thanks for your support this year if you’d like to attract some new business… increase your customer base and differentiate your business in crowded marketplaces like Barry here’s what you need to do.

Want to increase your website opt-in rates and build your database with interested prospects the same as Barry but don’t have the time, big budget, patience or skill?

I’m happy to write a FREE lead generation name capture report for your website that visitors can download not for the normal price of $357 + GST but for an amazingly low $111 + GST saving you $246 straight off the top!

The only three things you have to do are…

1. The special price of $111 + GST means you have to proofread and edit it yourself. I can arrange proofreading and editing for an extra fee to be advised if you prefer.

2. This is only available today to the first seven people so be one of the first seven to book it in today for this special price by phoning me on: 0412 288 339 or emailing me

3. Once you’re book in, I’ll invoice you and payment is required upfront and full before I write your FREE report fair enough?

•• If you come to me tomorrow your free report cost you $357 + GST so if you want to save $246 straight off the top be one be one of the first seven people and call me now on: 0412 288 339 or email me before 5pm today to book it in.

With thanks and gratitude

Jaffaman Eddie

The Guy In Charge (T.G.I.C.)



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