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6 tips to writing a powerful website landing page

Paul business owner in Melbourne emailed recently and asked

“Hi Eddie. I’m really confused, what’s a website landing page and how do I use them in my business?”

What’s a website landing page?

A website ‘landing page’, ‘squeeze page’ or jump page’ is a web page you land on or are sent to from an email with a link in it.

Okay, so why not send them directly to your website home page?

Well, let’s say you’re having a seminar, selling a new product or you have a new service and you want to generate qualified leads.

If you send them to your website home page there’s a good chance your prospect may have trouble finding your offer which means they may end up getting lost on your website.

This also means they lose interest and leave your website or they’ll keep looking around your site and forget about the special offer you wanted to make them aware of in the first place. With a dedicated website landing you take people directly to the whitepaper, free report download, webinar, seminar, teleseminar or offer you want them to respond to or register for.

Here’s some quick and easy tips and the format to writing a great website landing page of your own!

1. Thank them – Acknowledge they are in the right place with a sentence such as Thanks for responding to the email we sent you recently. Doing this ensures they know they are in the right place the second they hit your landing page as it a page specially created for them and contributes to ongoing communication which also builds trust.

2. Keep it short and simple – have a primary or core headline to support your email or offer.

3. Capture name and email address – Make sure your have an email address and name capture field on your landing page. Why? Because the whole point of this is to get people who are interested at whatever level they may be to put their hands up.

When they respond by entering their name and email address on your landing page they are saying yes I am interested or yes I want to buy your book or whatever it is you are offering on your landing page.

Examples: Landing pages can be used to register for a webinar, download a free report, take advantage of a special offer, product or service, receive free marketing tips and much more.

4. Make it short, make it sweet – Don’t make your landing page copy or the content on the page over the top or intensive. People are time poor, don’t like sharing too much personal information and if you make it a lot of copy to read, they’ll give you the flick.

5. Build Trust and credibility, reduce skeptics – I usually feature a short testimonial on the website landing pages that supports the offer, product or service when I write website landing pages for my clients. The reason I do that is it helps build credibility and trust with people and helps support the claim or offer on the landing page.

6. Privacy – People are hesitant about giving out their personal information online so make sure you have privacy policy that’s clear and easy to understand but not 4 pages long.

Following up – Whatever the purpose of your landing page is or was and people have taken you up on your offer make sure you follow up on them using email auto responders, phone, print or electronic communications. Whatever works best for you?

This lead generation and strategy is to get people to raise their hands and express a level of interest, capture their name and email address to help build your database with qualified people so they enter your marketing funnel.

Comments or suggestions? I’d love to hear your comments and if you’d like to share this with your friends go for it.

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Until next time

Eddie Bryant,

The Guy In Charge Of Eddie’s Copywriting & Marketing Centre

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