ECMC Sponsors Michal Fabri For Cams Jayco Formula 4

Creative Copywriting M1 Racing sponsor image

Press Release:

Sponsorship Announcement

Date: Feb 18th, 2015

Gold Coast Entrepreneur ‘Jaffaman Eddie’ announces

sponsorship of Michael Fabri for the 2015/2016

CAMS Jayco Australian Formula 4 Championship

CEO of Eddie’s Enterprises and Eddie’s Copywriting & Marketing Centre, Jaffaman Eddie, said “I’m really excited and thrilled to be able to get behind and support someone like Michael Fabri in the new Formula 4 race category.

“I first met Michael when I heard about the work he was doing with Beyondblue. After meeting him and then deciding to interview him, we got to know each other better and here I am sponsoring him for the CAMS Jayco Formula 4 Championship.

“Secretly, I’ve always wanted to be involved in motor racing to some degree too. One of my previous employers and his son used to race Gemini’s and BMW’s and I was also lucky enough to work on a project with pharmaceutical  and motorsport mogul Don Panoz a few years ago.


“For me, sponsoring Michael and being involved is a dream come true! Apart from Michael’s experience in Formula Ford, his passion for racing and his philanthropy ambitions, he’s honest, transparent, never says die and as an entrepreneur myself, these are traits I relate to and admire in people.

“From a business, marketing and sponsorship point of view I’m always looking for new ways to drive the ‘Eddie” brand and market my businesses better. Until recently though, I always thought that motorsport sponsorship was out of the question due to the money and resources required, which I’ve discovered many smaller businesses think the same thing, which couldn’t be further from the truth.

“So, Michael and I came up with the “M1 Racing Small Business Partners Package”. It’s a great deal! You get to be part of Michael and the team, you get unprecedented television coverage on Channel 10 and Foxtel with V8 Supercars, awesome networking and business opportunities, and you get in on the ground level of an exciting new racing category and lot’s more. All for a few thousand dollars so its money well spent. I would encourage more small businesses take advantage of this great offer and sign up.

“But for me it’s not just about sponsorship. It’s about getting behind a new concept in Australian motorsport. It’s about supporting a young man having a go and following his dream and me fulfilling one of my dreams too, which makes me proud and honoured to be involved.

Background – Jaffaman Eddie has featured in the Australian Entrepreneurs book and other online and offline publications. He is a highly outspoken Maverick Entrepreneur, marketer, direct response copywriter and personal brand authority. He challenges small and big businesses across Australia and internationally to think, act and market their businesses with passion, enthusiasm and consistency.

As one of Australia’s most trusted and recognised brands, Eddie’s Enterprises and its services under the “Eddie” brand have been helping businesses escape random acts of marketing, weak copywriting and competing on price since 2003.

Eddie’s Copywriting & Marketing Centre and other services under the “Eddie” brand enable entrepreneurs, franchises and business owners to multiply their business, incomes and lifestyles through his tried, tested real world proven copywriting & marketing services and principles as well as other services.

For additional information about Eddie’s Copywriting & Marketing Centre, phone Edward Bryant on: 0412 288 339 or email him at:

For additional information about the small business partner packagesphone Rick Fabri on: 0407 966 433 or email him at:

About Michael Fabri

Michael Fabri is a 17 year-old philanthropist and Formula Ford driver. Starting in kart racing in June 2010 in the Junior National Light (JNL) class, Michael advanced to the premier junior class and in 2014 progressed into the senior premier kart category of Rotax DD2.

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