SEO copywriting tips – Writing website copy with your keywords and key-phrases

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Here’s a few tips and basic guideline you can use to help improve your website rankings and your seo copywriting skills. Good luck and have a great day. Eddie

Step 1. Find your keywords and key-phrases. You can use a SEO (search engine optimisation) service, a FREE keyword and key-phrase search tool on Google for example, brainstorm with your staff or even ask your clients what keywords and key-phrases they used to find you.

Step 2. Headline – Once you’ve decided on a primary keyword or key-phrase use it in your core headline

Step 3. Lead opening – Okay they’ve read your headline so now they’re moving to read what’s in it for them.

A great copywriting technique to engage website visitors in your lead opening is to enter the conversation already going on in your customers mind. And when you write your lead use your primary and secondary key-phrases  in a conversational tone that your target audience identifies with.

Step 4. Create two customer benefit subheads to break up the copy using some of your other key-phrases in your subheads.

Warning: Using too many keywords and key-phrases in your website content will result in search engines giving you a lower ranking for excessive key-phrase use or in other words the search engines treat it as spam.

SolutionGeneral rule of thumb for every 300 words of content you have, use between 20- 30  key-phrases in your content.

Step 5. If you have a special offer feature it here and include a call to action.

It’s back for a lucky few…


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