Two tips to make your copy urgent

1. Put a date deadline in more than one place on your marketing material online or offline and…

2. Feature deadline on OGE (outgoing envelope) or online squeeze page

Video of the month

“Work harder on yourself than you do on your job.” Jim Rohn


About the Author –  Jaffaman Eddie and his team have been increasing the marketing returns and converting more prospects into customers writing direct response copy for business websites, letters, direct mail packages, video scripts, print ads, flyer’s, emails, SMS campaigns and other marketing materials since 2003.

Eddie’s passion for creating and supplying marketing systems, online and offline copy writing services, group & private copywriting coaching, personality marketing, brand image techniques and infotainment help you reach more clients more effectively for increased return on your marketing spend without any hype, marketing jargon or advertising fluff.

To learn more about Jaffaman Eddie and the Eddie business services and brand visit:creativecopywriting.com.au or www.minimarketingsystems.com.au

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