Tip to improve average dollar orders

Tip to improve your average dollar order.
Recently one of my 90-Day Business Builder students asked me how she can 
improve the average dollar order in her business? 
One great way to do it is to use the "Yes" "Yes" close. 
It's where you have a standard and supersize, basic and deluxe or bronze 
silver and gold option.

Either way you get the general idea.

Why is the "Yes" "Yes" close so effective? 
Because the prospect is deciding for themself do they want the standard or deluxe. 

Why don't the majority of electricians, accountants and 
others use the 'Yes" "Yes" close? 
They say they can't I say you can and here's just a few examples 
• Printer supplier - Buy any cartridge from us over $50 or more before 
Nov 30th and you'll go into the draw to win $500 of print cartridges 
• Holiday retreat – Book two nights and you'll also receive a third night 
half price with a 3-course dinner for two 
• Accountant – Take up our Gold Accounting package today and 
not only will we take care of everything for you but you'll also get free 
tickets to property investment seminar valued at 
• Copywriter – Every purchase of $60 or more before Nov 30th, 2013 
from the Eddie Information Marketing Centre receives my copywriting 
assist service card valued at 
$99 FREE! http://creativecopywriting.com.au/copywriting-marketing-store/copywriting-marketing-store/ 
And the list goes on.

Now key points to making this work 
1. Always include the "WOW" or the 'IT" in your Gold or highest asking package or offer 
2. Your highest offer should be no more than 50% higher in price than your standard offer 
3. Make sure your highest asking offer (Deluxe or whatever you call it) has all the bonuses 
and premiums in it that are only in your deluxe. Good luck and if you have any questions drop me a email or give me a call. 
To profitable and happy marketing 
Grab an investment in yourself, your skills and future at the Jaffaman Store 

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