Personality Marketing.

How To Dominate Your Industry and Own Your Brand Using Personality Marketing.

Video #1 in this month series on Personality Marketing

Hey guys Jaffaman Eddie the Guy in Charge of Eddies Copywriting And Marketing Centre and President of Jaffaman Eddie’s Small to Medium Enterprise Marketing Club here.

How goes it?

You know last week I had a call from a major resort in Sydney concerned about their falling occupancy rates.

Basically there were sussing me out about how and what they could do to inject some personality into their marketing so they could grab more reservations, connect and engage with people more, have a higher and more consistent occupancy rates and stand out from the overcrowded ‘same as everyone’ else resort herd.

So I called this hotel as a potential guest who wanted to stay at their resort and guess what?

I got greeted with ‘Yeah”. Then for the next 2 minutes or so I got the feeling I was a big interruption that they had no time for. The person on reception sounded flogged… she was lacking fire in her belly and enthusiam and didn’t really make me feel welcome or say anything to even try to get me to stay at their hotel. 

Maybe she was just having a bad day, we all them anyway

Talking to them about staying at their hotel was about as exciting as watching paint dry. Not sure about you but me and my family stay at hotels and resorts to relax, recharge and enjoy the creature comforts so we want to feel comfortable with the people we are staying with and ‘feel the love’ from the staff so no sale there.

Which brings me to the next point.

You see at least once a week someone will either email me or leave a message on my blog asking me for tips about how they can stand out from the sea of sameness in their business.

Now most business coaches, marketers and other sales professionals will tell you if you want to stand out from your herd or crowd you need to

1. Know who your prospects and customers are

2. Create a USP or ESP (unique selling proposition or emotional selling proposition) which appeals and attracts your ideal prospects and

3. Use several different media to attract them to your business

Now these are all sound benchmark marketing advice strategic actions I agree with don’t get me WRONG BUT…

Can you handle the truth… 

The cold hard fact is unless your USP is astounding powerful or you have million dollar marketing budget you’re going to need much more than a great USP  to not only attract but also grow and expand your business and a great way to do that is to use personality in your marketing.

Okay so what is personality marketing?

Personality marketing is learning how to use your personality in your business so you can stand out in a sea of sameness…connect and engage with people which in turn helps you attract the type of people you want to do business with.

Now just to clarify that lets use two or three of the most successful people to determine who does and who doesn’t use personality in their marketing?

Question? Would you say Bill Gates uses his personality in his business?

I’d have to say no! He has never set out to be the main man and that’s his choice and while he gives billions to charities do you think people and consumers relate or engage with him as well as they do to say Opera or Sir Richard Branson?

That would have to be a BIG NO!


Because Oprah and Sir Richard put themselves and their personality into their marketing and businesses. I think the biggest benefit of that is that Entrepreneurs such as Oprah and so on can start any new business venture and it will be a success because people relate to her and she connects with them.

Okay  some of the reasons businesses and people don’t use or put personality into their marketing…

• Some business people or staff are not comfortable putting themselves out there like that

• Some businesses and people think it is an ego thing, which from my experience is a load of codswallop!

• Some people are not comfortable or committed to putting either themselves or their name behind their product or service 

• Another majority tend to think that having a GENERIC corporate sounding BIG BUSINESS BRAND NAME is better because it gives the impression they are bigger than what they really are but based on my experiences they’re just copying their competition which is a big mistake and…

• The majority of people think personality marketing is more of a gimmick that does their business more harm than good. Now that’s a double edged sword because if done incorrectly personality marketing will hurt your reputation and business because…

With Personality Marketing Comes Great Responsibility…

For example: Let’s say I go for a few drinks one a Friday afternoon and at 2am the following Saturday morning I am wandering the streets stumbling around in in the Jaffaman suit. That’s going to hurt my brand, me personally and my business so YES personality marketing does come with great responsibility but…

It can also give you the growth, an amazing point of difference and more because…

Well when you sit back, smile and embraced fact that by injecting some of your personality into your business and marketing you’re no longer the same as everyone else so you give yourself a point of difference almost instantly.

Another great benefit of using your personality in your marketing is people get to know you warts n all so you are bonding and engaging with existing customers and potential new customers.  You see I don’t care who you are, what to you do or what type of customers you want.

People do business with People and that applies to the CEO earning a six-figure income sitting on the 50th floor to the cleaner who sweeps the floor of that same building.

And last but not least another great advantage of using personality in your marketing is with a bit of creativity and outside the box thinking you can create some really powerful and attention grabbing marketing campaigns

So you can dominate your chosen industry or field and not compete and personality marketing gives you that edge.

Anyway keep watching because in the next video I’m going to give you three personality marketing tips guaranteed to get you attention for all the right reasons.

Oh and if you’d like some more information about using personality in your marketing right now check out the Jaffaman Small to Medium Enterprise Marketing Club

Got to go!

Thanks for your time.  Leave your thoughts, comments or your own personality marketing tips below and feel free to pass it onto your friends.

Jaffaman Out!!

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