The Memorable Marketing Strategies You Need To Know. 

By Jaffaman Eddie, Direct Response Copywriter and Marketer, Personal Branding Authority and Business Builder

“The only thing worse than being talked about, is NOT being talked about.”

Part Three – Monday August 4th, 2014

The Memorable Marketing Strategies You Need To Know. 

Wow, Julys come and gone which means this is the last episode in topic of the month on “How to stay memorable in business.”  So what separates one business from another? Pricing? Yes. Branding? Yes. Products Yes and while these are all important, service and confidence is what most people are buying.

For example: A client and friend of mine has two investment properties with two different financial institutions and loans. On July 1st, the smaller bank sent him everything regarding his investment property, which really impressed him.

So he thought his other end of year financials would come through from his other bank reasonably soon as well. Well after one month of waiting he got sick of waiting so he called one of the big 4 banks he has his loan with, had to request the details and then he said the Call Centre operator didn’t even understand what the end of year financial statement was. Not good

So like I said staying and being memorable in business for all the right reasons is crucial for attracting new and repeat business.

Below are just some of the more unconventional strategies I use to not only stay memorable in business but also attract people and repel other people at the same time.

#1. The Power Of Your Mobile Phone

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Memorable Marketing Strategies: 1 Use Your Mobile Phone To Be Memorable In Business

One of the greatest strategies my clients give me awesome feedback on is how I use my mobile phone when we’re working on a project together

For example, when I send any prospect or client a costing or quote they receive a text message with time and day they costing was sent to them.

When I send them their copywriting project they receive a project delivery text message telling them what day and time they project was sent to them.

When we need to organise a meeting or remind them we have a meeting I text them 24 hours before.

The beauty of this strategy is it avoids my costing or their project getting lost in a sea of emails they have.  To be honest I’m more of pick up the phone and speak with my client type of guy but my customers are time poor running their own business so they’re not always available and when you send a text, it’s opened and read within 90 seconds.

 My clients love this service, which makes me memorable in business so start using this process to your advantage today.

* Quick tip – I’m not sure what you do but I always new clients what is their preferred method to communicate and coordinate with me on their projects.  Mobile phone,email or phone.

#2.  Name Rank Serial Number Business Cards Versus Bookmarks

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Memorable Marketing Strategies 2: Use a Bookmark To Stay Memorable & Be Top Of Mind

Most people have a boring old name rank serial number business card. Lot’s of them look great but most just go in the pile. I think over the past 11 years I’ve met probably three people who have given me a business card that stands out.

Me I prefer to use a bookmark as a business card for several reasons. Now because it’s much larger than your traditional business card it does have its downside. I do not win any business networking business card draws anymore as mine dominates and stands out from all the others so no-one draws it out but that’s okay.

Why use a bookmark as a business card?

I use a bookmark because it’s different. No one else does (except clients I’ve shared this with), it’s a great conversation starter and people who get my bookmark keep it unlike the majority of business cards that just get thrown into a pile never to be seen again.

The biggest benefit of using a bookmark as a business card

Most people I come into contact with these days are Entrepreneurs, business owners, franchisee’s or marketing managers and “Leaders are readers!”

The biggest benefit is my bookmark ends up in a book sitting beside the persons bed most of the time and they see me and my brand every time they open to read their book each night so I’m always top of mind with them.

Then I have referral cards and special event of offer cards as well like the ones below which are created for specific purposes.

#3. Surfboard and signage

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Memorable Marketing Strategies 3: Stand Your Business Out With Strong Personal Branding & Vehicle Signage

As you can tell I like to show up like no one else and in fact this surfboard and car signage is another way I stay memorable and top of mind.

I fact my surfboard combined with my car signage parked at the beach even though it is a little disjointed (I’m in the middle of rebranding) is another powerful and unconventional strategy I use to stay memorable and attract the right type of people.

When people see me in the surf, parked at the beach and walk up to me asking me for my card and then I hand them my business bookmark as well it’s the complete show up like no-one else get to know me package that’s delivers impact and makes me memorable from the very first contact.

Just the other day I was driving along the highway and a car beside me in the other lane took a photo of my car. 3 days later I got a call and because I always ask, “how did you hear about us” it was the person in the other car that took my photo seeking my services.

When it comes to car signage and any signage for your business you have to do more than just a sign on back window. If you truly want to build your brand and stand out your car signage must have impact. I always try and model my vehicle signage on racing cars. Their signage stands out!

#4. Information station

Another strategy I use is my information station. This is my portable advertising kit, which hangs off a window of my car that I have a patent and trademark on.

All I do is put my Moneymaker magazine in it when I’m at business events, the beach, seminars and so on. People see it, walk up to it, remove my Moneymaker magazine and some leave their cards in it so I can call them and follow them up and others just want the free magazine.

Either way it helps creates leads, stands me out from the crowd, makes me memorable and builds my personal brand.

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Memorable Marketing Strategies 4: Client Pulls In $6,000 In Two Days Using My Information Marketing Station

#5. Lumpy direct mail

Another strategy I use quite effectively is lumpy or textile direct mail. This is where you have something inside the direct mail mailing that is ‘lumpy’. The goal of this is to peak the persons curiosity so they wonder what it is and open they open it. That’s half the battle with direct mail getting it opened. However when you use a coloured envelope and have a Jaffa, toy soldier, headache tablet, and teabag whatever it peaks peoples curiosity.

While each direct mail marketing package I use has a different purpose and outcome IE, I have a direct mail marketing piece for acquisition, a referral direct mail marketing piece and thanks for your business pack the basic concepts and goals are the same.

  1. To peak their curiosity so they open my marketing piece
  2. To give them a ‘Godfather” offer they can’t refuse and
  3. Ultimately get them to take the desired action I want them to take whatever that may be.

So there’s just a few more ways you can be memorable in business without breaking the budget and I have plenty of others!

Memorable Marketing Strategies 5: Remember without marketing nothing happens so if you’d like a smorgasbord of more interesting ideas and strategies to stay memorable and differentiate what you offer grab your $7 “How to Stay Memorable In Business”  Audio CD today. *Australia only

Try everything test everything.

Until next time

Jaffaman Eddie


Part two – July 22nd, 2014

Memorable Marketing strategies for business – by Jaffaman Eddie

Direct response copywriter, Personal Branding Authority, Australia

I have really fond memories of Disney as a kid. Playing cricket and football all day,  terrorising the neighbourhood on our pushys (push bikes), mum calling me in to take a hot bath, then into my pyjama’s where we all sat down and had an awesome sunday night roast lamb with all the trimmings.

Then it was time for some wrestling with my 3 brothers and sister until someone got hurt and started crying then we’d all sit down with mum to watch the Sunday night Disney movie. Ah yes those were great times and great days and it’s only now 40 years later that I truly understand how good they really were. 

Without the vision, passion, persistence and memories of Disney I would never be able to recall those moments 40 years later. Politics and opinions aside Disney do a lot of things well but I think being memorable is one of the things they do best!

Okay enough with the nostalgia, I’ll get on with it but thanks for indulging me.

This is the second post or blog continuing on from last week’s theme of

staying memorable in business and keeping your brand

and business in the minds of past, current, and

potential clients.

In order to stay memorable, you need to do certain things and use certain strategies. A strategy is an intentional plan that helps to influence your decisions and your actions. Strategies do not need to be complicated in order to working fact they can be a lot of fun especially in business!

While some of the comments below are all good, they were not really what I was looking for when I asked people to submit their strategies or idea’s for staying memorable in business. Having said that I should have been more specific and these guys have taken the time to supply them to me and it doesn’t hurt one iota to get back to basics. Thanks to John, Robyn, Alex and everyone who sent their ideas and strategies in.

Here’s some of the tips and strategies other people have emailed me into me

about how they stay memorable in the business

#1. Treat everyone with genuine respect. This is the key to excellent customer service. Customers will be satisfied with a business that provides adequate service, but you don’t want your customers to be simply satisfied. You want their experiences with your company to be so great that they don’t even consider another company the next time they need your services. Genuine respect will help you stay memorable to all of your customers, and they will recommend your business to others.

#2. Strive for excellence in all aspects of marketing. This applies to everything from your logo to your business cards to your slogan. Don’t settle for mediocre designs or lackluster slogans. If your current marketing strategy isn’t working, find a new one. Look at the logos and the designs you find impressive and memorable, and try to emulate the same energy. Hire people who do excellent work to handle your marketing, and don’t settle for less!

#3. Show sincere interest in others. Networking can seem opportunistic if you are only out to achieve your own goals. People will remember someone who is genuinely interested in their business and their pursuits. This will make them more interested in yours, and more likely to seek you out when they need the type of services that your business provides. In today’s society, sincerity stands out and makes people remember you

#4. Give your business an angle that no one else in your sector has. This might mean that you offer a service for free that everyone else charges for. It might mean that you include a free gift with your orders, or offer discounts to repeat customers. Whatever angle you choose, find something that will give you a leg up and make you stand out among the competition.

#5. “Try before you buy”, test or trial period offers – I’ve used these offers pretty successfully over the past 11 years in several of my own businesses. Now price is a barrier to entry meaning as soon as you ask someone to pay for something you’re immediately going to cut out 60% of the people. So they try before you offer eliminates risk for the buyer, is usually good value for money and eliminates the need for a large upfront investment. Take my $2 Gold Coin pack for example. It’s over $700 of marketing templates, tools and strategies for just $2 postage and handling. The resin I do this is so I attract the right type of people and give them an opportunity to try it out without big investment required.

These are just a few tips to help you stay memorable in business. Continue to research other tips and suggestions that have worked for your colleagues and competitors. Develop your own plan, made up of all the strategies you discover, and make sure that people never forget your business!


Part One – July 14th, 2014

Memorable Marketing strategies for business – by Jaffaman Eddie

Direct response copywriter, personal branding guy


This month’s copywriting and marketing bulletin blast theme is all about how and what you and I can do to stay memorable in business


Well last week I was reminded how crucial this is for you and I.

You see last week the bottom stairwell door to ECMC HQ swings open. Then I hear footsteps up the creaky timber stairs then BAM, a woman’s voice say’s

“Hi Eddie, hope you don’t mind me dropping in. I can’t believe it’s you. I met you about six years ago at a networking event and was driving down the street, saw your orange car and signage and thought I’d drop in to see how you’re going.”

Now keep in mind this lady hasn’t seen me in six years.

She has never been on my e-newsletter list, has never been a client, I haven’t seen her at any networking events, seminars I’ve held or attended and I haven’t marketed to in any way and she still remembers me after six years.

Well I was blown away but I won’t get a fat ahead about this because

She doesn’t remember me she remembers the Jaffaman suit.

Anyway …

Her turning up and saying she remembered me from six years ago drove home to me how crucial it is to be memorable because

it’s not what you know that matters, but who knows you.

Now I don’t want to share or talk about sending monthly newsletters and supplying great customer service or sending out cards as part of being memorable. That’s’ one-on-one basic stuff that’s useful but people just expect awesome service these days so you already have a handle on that stuff I hope.

What I want to do is do want to do is take it up a notch, maybe give you a few idea’s I and others use to really stay and be memorable in business.

For example: One strategy I created that you can adapt, steal and apply for your own product or business could be my

FREE “After Project” Copywriting Tune Up .

Customers love this because they receive FREE cosmetic edits and tweaks on the headline, copy or offer on any copywriting project we’ve done for them once it has been tested in the market for 3 months.

Now you could take this concept and adapt it to a home painting service for example. The concept could be have your house painted by Fast Eddie’s painting contractors and after three months we’ll come back and do your touch ups for you for FREE!

Here’s another way to stay memorable in business…

Show up like no one else with a shock and awe package – for those of you familiar with Dan Kennedy GKIC direct response marketing you’ll know his take on this. In business today you have to show up like no one else.  It’s sound advice and what I’ve built my brand and businesses on.

One, because I believe in it and it works for me and it can work for you and two because I was a lead singer in bands for over 17 years so that’s another place you want to show up like no-one else! Business no matter what business you’re in is no different!!

A shock and awe package is basically…

a discovery or information pack with various goodies and information in it about your product or business that people request to receive from your website opt-in or offline marketing.

Some shock and awe packages have CD’s, computer tablets or DVD’s in them. Some have food and well as other marketing collateral  (mine includes Jaffa’s amongst other things naturally) and generally it’s an information pack to get your prospects attention and build trust, credibility and confidence with new prospects.

Best of all these the majority of people you send your shock and awe pack too are warm prospects that you can follow up and convert a percentage of them anyway because they have asked you to send it to them through your website

Okay so there are just a few grass root strategies you can action almost instantly to stay memorable in business but stay tuned because next week more are on the way.

Keep your eye out for next weeks part 2 memorable marketing tips tips and if you have a question contact me or if you have a comment leave it below.

With thanks

Jaffaman Eddie

The Guy In Charge

Eddie’s Copywriting & Marketing Centre

Eddie’s Information Marketing Centre

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