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Hi and Thanks so much for tuning in to March’s lead generation tips.

As promised over the next few months I’ll be sharing some of the lead generation strategies others and I use to generate qualified leads.

Strategy 1. Front-end or Acquisition marketing. Make yourself known to businesses in your local business area. In my street alone there are approx 50 businesses and many of them about 15 are already clients after about 8 months in my offices. My point is if you have an office make yourself known to your fellow business owners and I don’t just mean by sending them a find them, flog them and forget them flyer.

Every business in my street is entitled to a 15% price saving on a range of monthly copywriting and marketing offers I have going and they know it once a month, every month but more importantly I know who they are and they know who I am and what I do.

Strategy 2. Back-end marketing and database building.  Create top of mind awareness with your E-newsletters. While this is a no brainer it never ceases to amaze me how many businesses sole focus is getting new clients when they have a goldmine of potential new clients in the wings from their existing customers. Think about, an existing client already knows you, how you work, what your rates are generally and the relationship and trust is already there.

My point? On average 87% of my work comes from my existing clients and the reasons for that are I am in their mind at least once a month through an e-zine or e-newsletter. It’s cheap, easy and quick and create top of mind awareness in the mind of your existing client so when they know someone else they say Oh give so and so a call. Remember the 80/20 rule. Make your newsletter 80% about them and 20% about you.

Strategy 3. Front-end and back-end marketing. Hold a competition and drive it through your new marketing strategies and your marketing to your back-end (existing clients). This is a great way to build your database, stimulate referrals and acquire more work from your existing clients. Plus with the social media tools we have these days such as youtube, Linkedin,Twitter, Facebook and heaps of other social media  platforms you can drive and raise awareness about your competition.

For a strategy on using social media to launch a product or competition check out: launching a competition, product or service using social media

Strategy 4. Back-end marketing. Reactivate old customers. These people used to do business with you so a percentage will probably do business with you again. I tend to call these people myself and do a touch base with them on how they are going. I don’t phone them to sell them, I just phone them and say Hi it’s been a while since we last spoke and I just wanted to say hi.

If phoning them doesn’t work for you, try using email or mailing them a hardcopy newsletter or something similar such as an article with a post-it note on it that says “Hi Name” thought this article may be of interest to you. Hope you are well and Thanks Eddie.” Also include your business card.

Strategy 5. Front-end Marketing. This one only works for specific services such as Real Estate Agents, copywriters, printers and website designers. In Australia you’ll see Real estate Agents with their sign out in the front of the property saying “Another Property Sold By <company name>.

This is a great way to generate new clients if you are person who drives by the house on your way home everyday, are thinking of selling and the house has sold reasonably quickly.

A similar strategy I use is to put a small project sentence on every project I write and in return the client receives a preferred price saving. By featuring the sentence “another promotion written with passion by Eddie’s Copywriting & Marketing Centre and little photo of me much like an artist does this builds my brand and brings me new work. Of course if the person who receives the promotion does not don’t like the copy, they won’t be ringing me and that’s okay.

So there you have it. Keep your eye out for Aprils lead generation strategies and be safe.

Oh and one more thing I realise you may be there saying to yourself yeah I know that, the question is are you doing your lead nurturing and lead generation consistently?

Until next time be safe, happy and healthy and if you have comment or a lead generation strategy of your own you’d like to share I’d love to hear it.

Best wishes


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