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Marketing Courses Gold Coast Australia


After a small business marketing course on the Gold Coast to help you and your small business get to where you want to go?

With 30-days of free support after your marketing course, easy to digest and action 5-hour courses, a “Love your training or it’s free guarantee” and over 30 years experience in direct response marketing and copywriting you’ll be generating more revenue, standing your business out from the crowd and sending the right message to the right people in no time.


Tailor-made small business marketing courses & training, Gold Coast


Why choose Creative Copywriting & Content Solutions over other small business marketing training?

They’re tailor-made for you and your businesses marketing – A lot of marketing courses these days are just auto-responder emails or generic in nature where you end up scribbling notes out, looking at them a few days later and asking yourself ‘what does that mean or how do I do that?’

With our training, you and I will be working on or creating your own businesses marketing together for 3 hours straight. It’s devoted entirely to you

30-Day FREE After Workshop Support service – You also receive 30-days of free support after your workshop so you can call me for clarification on anything, answer any questions that come up and any other further help or guidance you may need for FREE

Money Back Guarantee – You get peace of mind with our “Love Your Marketing Training Or It’s Free” money-back guarantee

3 hours only – Our marketing workshops are only 3 hours long, allowing you to easily absorb the information in small, manageable bites! There are no hefty manuals to read, no exercises to do and no homework.

Creative Copywriting Marketing Courses Australia - Marketing workshops and short courses for small Australia businesses

In Person Or Video – You can come to our head office and do your workshop or we can do it by video

Name your day and time – You can do your marketing workshop on the day and time that suits you (even weekends) in most cases

Payment can be made by BSB, Credit card (charges may apply) and you can even book with 50% deposit here.

3-hour WorkshopThe basics of setting up, and marketing your copywriting, content writing or start-up business – Please note this course is about marketing and acquiring customers for your copywriting, content writing or other business.

3-hour WorkshopThe basics of setting up, designing and sending your marketing e-newsletter

3-hour Workshop – How to use an e-newsletter to create sales, confidence, and sales

3-hour WorkshopHow to create a killer USP for your business

3-hour WorkshopHow to convert quotes into sales in 7-10 days – Includes FREE BLUEPRINT ACTION PLAN

3-hour WorkshopKeys to giving your marketing personality and making it profitable

3-hour WorkshopHow to create additional income from your current business

3-hour WorkshopThe basics of creating systems for your business

3-hour Workshop11 Things You Need To Grasp To Make Your Business A Winner


Cost  Single = $550 GST included or Double Pass two people = $750 GST inclusive Bulk training rates available on request

Find out more about our marketing courses for small Australian businesses today. Complete the form below or call us on 0412 288 339.


Jaffaman Eddie & the team
Commander In Chief  T.G.I.C.

Creative Copywriting & Content Solutions
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