Low Cost Barrier To Entry Front-end Versus Free

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What’s Best. Low Cost Barrier To Entry Front-end offers

or Free opt-in offers?

Hi there marketing, business and copywriting guys n dolls

Jaffaman Eddie here and today I’m discussing what’s best? 

A lead generation barrier to entry offer with a small fee upfront or a FREE Lead generation opt-in?”

In all honesty I say both because I’ve used and tested both and both work.

In your own case it depends on your results, if you have split tested these or not, what product or service you’re offering and what you are trying to achieve.

Here’s my own classic tale of woe I had recently with John. He had 

had a problem with my low cost front-end barrier to

entry offer for my $2 Gold Coin Strategy Marketing Pack.

Last week (I’ll call him John) had a go at me about having the hide to charge him $2 p& h so he could get the $711 of marketing gifts in my Gold Coin strategy pack.

John said “This $711 pack should be free, what the hell you charging me $2 for?”

My reply” to post the $711 of gifts to you and no offence John, I’m in charge of my business not you!”

Johns reply “Can’t you just email them to me you orange clown?”

My reply “No.” because the pack has a CD in it

John: “Well I don’t want the CD!”

Anyway you get the general idea.

John didn’t get his $2 Gold coin pack and in all honesty I’m really glad he didn’t for reasons you’ll discover later in this blog.

My main point here is…

You need to learn, test and know when to use the FREE opt-in model and when to use the barrier to entry model for your business, product or service.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m a big fan of the FREE opt-in model. It has served me well over the past 11 years and will continue to serve me well into the future. It’s proven to work. For the inexperienced the FREE lead generation model is where you give away a free information pack, free consultation, free newsletter subscription, free sample cosmetic whatever in return for the person giving you their contact details.

So what’s a low cost barrier to entry front-end offer?

Let’s say you use a FREE lead capture model but your conversion rates aren’t that hot for whatever reason.

Another strategy (and it’s been used by direct response marketers since the world was flat) is to qualify and attract better types of people using a barrier to entry offer which basically is a low-end front-end offer.

In my own case the $2 p&h for the $711 of marketing gifts in my gold coin strategy pack is the ‘barrier to entry.’ Not only because of what’s involved in sending it out but whom it is for.

I want a specific type of person in business and if they are not happy to pay $2p&h for me to send them their $711 of marketing gifts to them it’s best we go our own separate ways.

Other reasons I used a low cost barrier entry offer for my $2 pack are

• It helps narrow down and qualify the wheat from the chuff

It also costs me time, resources and money to

• Write and print the $711 of marketing strategies

• Set up the two months free membership in my Marketing club

• Mail the $2 pack to the person who has ordered it

• Burn the Build A Better Business CD, pay for stamps and envelope 

Yes I could give it away for FREE but the world is full of FREE and a lot of people do not value FREE so they will always want FREE just like my old mate John.

As I said earlier, more importantly than all of this…

* is I am setting out to attract a specific kind of person in business who wants help, is happy to spend $2 and invest in themselves and their business and receive over $711 of marketing in return. That’s it!

Fact is once people have to pay for something

they value it far more.

Okay so how can you use or test this if you want

Well I don’t know your specific business,product, service or crew that makes up your lead generation prospect pool but a few 

lead generation barrier to entry offers you could test for example sake could be:

• Get a bottle of our fantastic Look Younger, Feel Confident face revitalizer cream for $5 not $35.

• Get your first month’s gym membership for $5 and come and go as much as you want

• Create an introductory offer

Like I said both the FREE opt-in marketing models and low cost barrier to entry front-end offers are effective.  

At then end of the day my opinions don’t matter a hill of beans!  All that counts is results you’re getting now. All I’m trying to do is give you some other strategies on how you may be able to improve them based on my own experiences.

So have a think about how and if you should test a low front-end ‘barrier to entry’ offer and if you have any questions, you know where to find me.

Don’t forget to share the love and this blog with whoever you think can benefit from it.

Hasta La Vista

Jaffaman Eddie

The Guy In Charge T.G.I.C

Eddie’s Copywriting & Marketing Centre

Eddie’s Enterprises


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