Jaffaman Joins Gold Coast CEO Sleepout



Hi there. This year I’m doing something I’ve wanted to do for quite a few years. I’m taking part in the Gold Coast CEO Sleepout to raise funds for Vinnies so they can help the Gold Coast homeless.

I know there is no shortage of great causes to support and that as much as we’d like there is no way we can support each and every one of them.

However, if you can find it in your heart to support me or another CEO either on the Gold Coast or anywhere in Australia in this fundraising mecca, I, Vinnies and the Gold Coast’s homeless families would be eternally grateful. Best wishes, Jaffaman Eddie

Meet Trevor

Trevor grew up on a farm and spent his life working with cattle and livestock — until he contracted Q fever. This debilitating illness left Trevor unable to work. As a result, he lost everything.

When in hospital seeking treatment, Trevor was referred to Vinnies and provided with a safe place to stay until more permanent accommodation could be found.

However, more challenges were to come.

Watch the first instalment of Trevor’s story at: https://youtu.be/yDPxLHyGHto

With the aid of The Story Boxes, we have brought Trevor’s story to life in a three-part webisode series. 









As for me, I’ve wanted to take part in the Vinnies CEO Sleepout for quite a few years now but always seemed to miss the boat but you do not want to hear my excuses and I do not want to make them.

The point is this year I’m there and ready to do whatever I can to help which is hard as there are so many worthwhile causes to support.

Anyway, I’m registered and ready to go and on a quest to raise $5,000 for the Gold Coast homeless by June 23rd.

If you’d like to support people like Trevor, me, Vinnies and the Gold Coast homeless and their families with anything you can spare, we’d all be eternally grateful.

For all the details about this get on over to the CEO Sleepout website here


And if you’re going along drop me a message so we can catch up.

Thanks again and have a great day

Jaffaman Eddie


Commander In Chief

Creative Copywriting Solutions





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