Recently Ronnie a SME business owner emailed me saying “Hi Jaffaman Eddie, I really love your honesty and value your copywriting and marketing tips but I have a database of about 1500 people we send our e-newsletter too but we only have a 10% open rate and zero, nada nenti sales!

So how can I improve the results on my email newsletter marketing campaigns?

Jaffaman’s Good Value, On Time, High Integrity! “Jaffaman Eddie is the ‘guy in charge’. We engaged Eddie to do some copywriting work for our building business. He was efficient, creative, enthusiastic and gave us the results we needed in the time specified. We have no hesitation in recommending Eddie!” Jo & Brad Kane J&B Projects.

Episode 3 – Another three potent tips to improve your e-newsletter results and open rates.

Hi and welcome to episode three of my five part email marketing newsletter tips. I’m Jaffaman Eddie and this weeks three email newsletter-marketing tips are

• Number 1 – Brand your e-newsletter consistently. You’d be surprised how many businesses don’t and as for the reasons well that’s none of my business that is unless you ask for my advice or a customer of mine.

My point; make sure your brand your e-newsletter and all your marketing with the same consistent branding.

• Number 2- Don’t send your e-newsletter through the holidays. People are away and your e-zine or e-newsletter will get lost in the sea of emails that person is receiving while they are away

• Number 3 – Always test and measure your e-newsletter results. What are you looking for well? Well most email marketing programs have tracking and reporting functions built in so after you’ve sent your e-newsletter look at the open rates, the bounced rates and the forward clicks.

Okay that’s it for now if you missed episode one and two of how to increase the open rates of your e-newsletter you can find them below this video. Oh and if you have a specific question about improving your e-newsletter results go ahead and email me or give me a call on 0412 288 339.

Choi for now!

Jaffaman Eddie

Episode 2 – What you can do to improve your e-zine or e-newsletter open rates.

Hi and welcome to episode two of my five part email marketing newsletter tips. I’m Jaffaman Eddie and this weeks three email newsletter-marketing tips are

• Number 1 – Subject lines if you want your email newsletter or email to get opened, attract people attention and make them want to open it with a great subject line.

I like to personalise email subject lines with the person’s name. Why?

Because it gets their attention from the generic sea of buy me emails they get each day. In split tests I’ve done I always get a higher open rate when I personalise the subject line.

Also make sure your Subject line represents the email content otherwise people are going to feel cheated and you’ll hurt future open rates.

• Number 2- Avoid using all UPPER CASE text in your subject line or email body copy. It comes off like you are shouting at people and no-one LIKES TO BE SHOUTED AT DO THEY? That upper case rule applies to all your copy online or offline!

• Number 3 – Educate, consult and advise instead of sell sell, sell! Your E-newsletter should contain information that is of use and helps our audience. Whether it is in print or electronic your newsletter should about 80% informational and 20% about your business. So don’t sell, sell sell because it’s a surefire way to turn people away.

Okay that’s it; there should be another episode next week before the Christmas break. Thanks, I’m Jaffaman Eddie and have a great day

Episode 1 – Want to improve your e-newsletter and email marketing results?

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