How To Drive People Away From Your Business


Go to tell you I’m baffled and confused by some of the businesses out there.

In fact, it’s giving me a headache.

For example. Earlier this week a company rang me prospecting for my business. When I asked if they could send me any information they told me I had to go to their website to get the information.

So let me get this straight. You call me in the hope of doing business with me then you want me to take time out of my already busy day to get info about your product or service and then get back to you.

Sorry no sale or business for you.

Another instance. I was at a pizza ship about three weeks ago on a Friday night. They had three different sized pizzas to choose from. I ordered the medium. They said we don’t have any pizza dough made up in that size and it takes 20 minutes or so to make some more dough.

This was on a Friday night which I would have thought was one of their busiest times.

The result? – They told me I could wait for up to half an hour to make the dough for my pizza. They didn’t offer me the large pizza for the medium price for the inconvenience so I ended up walking out.

The takeaway lesson here

Don’t confuse or make it hard for your prospects or customers to order whether it’s in person, via mail or online.

Make it complicated or hard and you’ll loose them. More importantly they’ll tell at least 10 of their friends about the crappy service they got.

Remember you and I are in the people service business, not the product selling business.


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From the Jaffaman Help Desk

Today I answer some of the best questions I received last month.

Alicia emails asking “I’m an Insurance broker. We have a warm prospects qualifying call however sometimes people’s Insurance policies are not up for renewal for up to 9 months. How can I keep in touch with them and keep them interested for up to 9 months?”


Hi Alicia

Okay, after your phone call you need to have some sort of “Get To Know Us” or ‘Ice Breaker” follow up marketing system or process in place.

For best results it needs to consist of online and offline marketing so you are touch with them at least once a month. Now I do not know what resources you have so

As a suggestion step 1 could be to get them on your e-news list (you have one right) when you first speak with them on the call so they receive your monthly e-newsletter.

After your initial call, send them a great speaking with you letter, SMS or an email instantly or within 2  days after initial call.

Month 2-3 after call send them a hardcopy newsletter. That could feature info about insurance changes, a case study, people you’ve helped meet a staff member section and so on. If moneys tight, print it in black and white on coloured paper that reflects your branding.

Touch base with them using online and offline once a month leading up to next call.

Your goal is to be top of mind once a month at least and welcome them into your business just like you would visitors into your home so they can get to know you.

Then we have Brian who asks…

Eddie, why can’t I buy a $27.40 membership in the Eddie marketing club now instead of having to buy the $2 Gold coin pack first?”

Hey Brian

Instead of offering people a straight membership into the Eddie Marketing Club Brian and having a club full of the wrong people I created the $2 gold coin pack.

This way you can get over $700 of marketing strategies and an idea of what it is about and what I’m about without it costing you a lot of money.

On top of all that, the $2 Gold coin pack also guarantee’s you won’t waste your time or money (or mine).

The bonus two-month free Eddie Marketing club membership also helps you (and I) decide whether we’re a good fit for you to become a fully-fledged member once your two month free membership has expired.


Hope this helps and you can find out what the latest goodies are you’ll get in the $2 Gold Coin pack here mate.

Until next time

P.S. Got a direct response copywriting, marketing or personal branding question?

Reach out to me and ask it here.

Have an awesome day

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