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WOW, finding quality copywriting, content writing and marketing for business. A big topic and while many would have you think it, it’s not rocket science!

So let’s start with the basics. I imagine if you’re serious about your business, you already have some understanding that you need copywriting, content and bold marketing messages that slice your business through the marketing clutter.

This way you’ll achieve quality leads, sales and higher returns on your marketing investment. 

On top of that, these days you need to be able to share your story, be a business your hottest prospects know about and stay top of mind with existing customers as well. Of course, the double-edged sword is, this is easier said than done for most.

These are just some of the specialist skills professional, technical and trade businesses count on me, Brodie and the team at Creative Copywriting & Content Solutions to deliver – and we’ve been doing it with great success since 2003.


Why should you choose Creative Copywriting & Content Solutions for your copywriting?

Okay, you get more than just a copywriter service. We’re marketers, content writers, graphic designers and have been creating marketing assets for businesses that continue to deliver resultslong after the original investment.

We’re also the only copywriting service in all of Australia with a “Love Your Sales Copy Guarantee.”

Plus, all our copywriters, content writers, and marketers are Australian-based and ‘marketing results focused’. This gives you the benefit of having someone writing your marketing copy who understands the Australian language, the Australian business and marketing culture, and the Australian way of life. 

And these are just some of the reasons why Australian businesses use us for copywriting, content writing, personal branding, and marketing.

Copywriting Services Australia - TPC Creative copywriting testimonial“TPC Property Services have used Eddies Copywriting  Services many times to ensure we get the right message out there. Using a Professional Copywriter makes all the difference when it comes to delivering your business to potential customers. We highly recommend Eddie to any business owner looking for new and brilliant ideas.”Luke Taylor – Managing Director, TPC Property Services
Pty Ltd

What type of copywriter services can you use us for?

Since 2003 owners of Australian businesses such as Luke, Kerry and thousands more have called on our copywriter services to write and send the right message to the right people for them on their:


Landing pages

Print and advertising

Direct response copywriting

Article and blog copywriting

Press releases

Newsletters and emails campaigns

Brochure writing and shock ‘n’ awe packs

Branding messages


Online marketing copy

Writing website lead magnets

And loads more!


About Jaffaman Eddie

Creative Copywriting & Content Solutions is owned and operated by me, Jaffaman Eddie Bryant. These days we’re an in-house team of Australian copywriters which you’ll get to know more about when you contact us. Copywriting Services Australia - Creative Copywriting testimonial

I’ve been in the industry for over 30 years and out on my own building my own businesses and brands for the past 16 years so you’re in good hands.

I’m also celebrating being in the copywriting and marketing industry for over 30 years and seen a lot of competitors come and go.

What types of copywriting do we specialise in?

 Professional services copywriting – Over the last 13 years we have written online and offline copy to create leads, memberships and repeat business for businesses in a number of industries. Clients include those within the health, fitness & food industry, real estate, financial services, and retail sectors. This includes but is not limited to businesses who sell musical instruments, clothing, cosmetics, outdoor products, restaurants, coffee, fishing products and more!

Technical writing – This services is for businesses who need to document manuals and operations to help people understand a process or product or service. Your technical writing can be delivered in many formats; including print and online and electronic means.

Blog & website copywriting – Now more than ever, your website copy needs to be tailored towards your hottest prospects! By adding fresh, relevant content to your website through blogging, you’ll improve your organic search engine rankings, build your social influence and more. This in turn brings you more traffic to help convert website visitors into leads, then sales.

Our team is made up of Australian copywriters who are marketing results focused. And with our “Love Your Sales Copy” Guarantee, your copywriting is in good hands. On top of that, you’ll have access to my 30 years experience in the industry and my 13 years of experience with building successful businesses.

So let’s have a chat about how you can get your copy to establish rapport, target a specific somebody, share what your business has to offer, and meet your hottest prospects needs today.


Sounding board service…

I’m more than happy if you want to use me a sounding board for your project but sending emails back and forth to each other isn’t the most productive way to get the answers you seek.

The best way to get the questions you have answered in an accurate and timely manner is to call us direct on 0412 288 339 for a quick Q&A.

We’re ready when you are!

Jaffaman Eddie & the team,
CIC, Commander In Chief
Creative Copywriting & Content Solutions
Powered by Eddie’s Enterprises
Ph: 0412 288 339

Head Office address – Level 1, 18 Brendan Drive, Nerang, Qld 4211 Australia

Copywriting Services Australia - Creative Copywriting testimonial

“Hi Eddie, The flyer is fantastic and has produced outstanding results.  Thanks for the great work.”Wayne Mandic, Business Consultant, Thexton Armstrong Mandic

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