Betty Wins The ‘Jaffa’s In The Jar’ $3,000 Copywriting & Marketing Prize!

‘Thank you’ to each and everyone of you across Australia who entered the ‘Jaffa’s In The Jar’ draw for your chance to win $3,000 of copywriting and marketing services but there can only be one winner!

So… Drum roll please……

 the winner is Betty Dunn!

Betty owns and operates ‘Realty On Gold’ and was over the moon when I spoke to her telling her she’d won.

There were 267 ‘Jaffas in the Jar’ and Betty’s guess was the closest coming in at 266. 

More details about Betty and how she is going to use the $3,000 of copywriting and marketing services she’s won off me soon.

Why Counting Jaffas Could Be The Most Important  Thing Gold Coast And Australian Business Owners Do This Year

 Last time you won a “count the lollies” competition, the prize was probably a teddy bear or a plastic toy.

Well, the stakes have been raised considerably by Gold Coast businessman Eddie Bryant, aka Jaffaman Eddie.

Gold Coast and Australian business owners could win $3000 worth of copywriting and marketing services by guessing how many Jaffa’s Are The jar between now and January 4th.

Sound too easy? It isn’t.

Eddie Bryant, owner of Eddie’s Copywriting and Marketing Centre in Nerang, recently announced the launch of this year’s Jaffas In A Jar competition and have already received hundreds of entries keen to take advantage of the prize on offer.

“I originally thought of this concept when I became concerned about the number of local businesses under stress in a tough economic climate,” said Mr Bryant.

“This was something I felt I could offer to help businesses market themselves and get their message out there – and it is a bit of fun too.”

The winner could opt for and include website and SEO copywriting, letter writing, slogans, ad text, brochure text, social media management, marketing strategies, or more – it is up to the business owner how they utilise the services.

Eddie’s Copywriting & Marketing Centre opened in 1998 and provides a range of direct response copywriting and marketing services.

Known for his bright orange Jaffaman suit, Jaffaman Eddie is a major sponsor of the Ask Ernie Business League and is involved with several other business and networking groups around the Gold Coast.

Ph: 0412 288 339

E: jaffaman@eddiescopywriting.com.au

Web: http://www.creativecopywriting.com.au



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