11 tips to improve your sales copy today.

While writing website copy and print copy are different, you can use the general guildelines below to improve your returns and marketing messages on both.

1. Have a headline that attracts your target audiences attention. Use a customer benefit solution headline, us the word ‘YOU’ in headline or even include your offer in the headline. “Get to the meat early.”

2. Make sure you read your copy out loud to someone so you can hear where sentences should end and begin and if the copy you wrote makes sense.

3. Use  testimonials.

4. Include your guarantee. The longer your guarantee the better off you’ll be and testimonials build credibility with new prospects.

5. Break up large paragraphs of copy with subheaders. People are scan readers.

6. Use images, people think in pictures.

7. Use a PS. Use your offer as a close in your PS, to drive home your guarantee, add any free bonus you have in your offer or as a call to action.

8. Break up sentences and paragraphs. Don’t have paragraphs of copy that are all 4 lines in length.

9. Use a case study in your print marketing, company profiles, website or blogs.

10. Write in terms of benefits using the language and tone your target audience use.

11. Have a call to action. Tell people what desired action you’d like them to take.

Now there are lot’s more so if you have one of your own, we’d love to hear it.

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