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If you are already a member of our Copywriters Club you know what to do.

If you’re not a member and would like the opportunity to quote on copywriting and content writing projects all the info about our copywriters club membership is below. Thanks Jaffaman Eddie and the team

Some of the copywriting projects and content writing projects available to Creative Copywriting & Content Solutions Copywriter Club members

• June 2019 Experienced website copywriter needed for building websiteWanted experienced SEO copywriter to write 5 pages of website copy for builders website. Must be on Gold Coast, Tweed or in Brisbane as client wants to meet with you.

• June 2019 Content writer needed for Training serviceWanted experienced content writer to write one blog a month for trade industry training business.

Minimum 2 years experience in blog or article writing required. Excellent attention to detail, grammar and communication skills required. Any experience in industry is preferred.

• May 2019 Content writer needed for business coachGold Coast Business Coach seeks quality content writer on Gold Coast to write and supply two blogs a month. Coach will supply topics. Project Filled

• April email copywriter guru wanted – Melbourne based food delivery service requires 12 step email auto responder emails written to follow up people who have expressed interest in their service. Project Filled

Not a Copywriting Club member yet and want the opportunity to do copywriting and content writing projects like these?

Grab a membership today for only $299 Annual Membership GST INCLUSIVE for a limited time

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Every person I’ve ever met, taught or mentored who have started or are building a freelance or copywriting business goes through it. They are all great copywriters or are well on their way. You can probably relate.

Great copywriting skills are not a problem for most freelance copywriters. The problem is most fall short on how to market their copywriting or content writing business successfully. So they struggle week to week, are always competing on price and take any customer and project they can get.

The reality is, just because you’re a great copywriter being able to market your freelance copywriting or content writing business so it is profitable and delivers the income, lifestyle and clients you want is two different things.

And not everyone wants a successful copywriting business, it all comes down to what you want. Some people want to grow their copywriting business so it works with or without them like me and some are happy to remain freelancers in board shorts and pyjamas. That’s cool!

What makes the Copywriters Club membership different?

Well, its core focus in on how to market your freelance copywriting business more effectively and profitably not how to write copy.

Membership also shows you how to set up your bank accounts and manage the money in your copywriting business, what copywriting fees to charge, when and how to follow up and so much more. Plus it’s all been created, tweaked and used by me and my team over the past 16 years building Creative Copywriting & Content Solutions into one of Australia’s leading copywriting and content writing services.


What’s included with your Copywriter Club membership?

Heaps of goodies I use and have tested in my own copywriting business for 16 years which includes:

A 12-month listing in the Copywriting Club members inner circle

My three-step follow-up process action sheet to convert more copywriting enquiries into paying customers

FREE audit of your copywriting businesses website

Tips to setting up your bank accounts and managing money in your freelance copywriting business

The opportunity to pick up real-world copywriting and content writing projects for real clients through us. The only thing I want to add here is there is no guarantee of work because you are a member. Copywriting and content writing projects are posted to copywriter club inner circle members only. These projects may or may not interest you in which case you apply or not.  At the end of the day, it’s up to the client who they want to use. 

What I can guarantee with your annual Creative Copywriting copywriting club membership is you will learn and action strategies to market your freelance copywriting and content writing business to increase your quality of clients, income and the results you’re getting now.

A free copywriting proposal template that has converted  six out of ten enquiries into clients consistently 

The mindset and strategies I used to become more valuable in the marketplace. This is a ‘must have‘ for those who want a copywriting business that works with or without and want to earn real money from their copywriting business.

A free customer name and capture sheet template

My proven tips and action sheet to the differences between copywriters who just get by and those who make it

Members-only price savings on new copywriting products, coaching calls, events and courses

A free ‘In the spotlight’ copywriter podcast interview and exposure for your business on the Creative Copywriting & Content Solutions podcast

How to create a USP for your copywriting freelance business that attracts the clients you want and stands you out from the crowd

The opportunity to learn, share and develop your skills with other Copywriter Club inner circle members

And more!

Annual membership in the Creative Copywriting Copywriters Club is normally $385 but for a limited time, you can get in for just $299 GST inclusive for a limited time.

Copywriters Club membership can be paid by credit card or electronically, it’s your call!


Who Runs The Creative Copywriting Copywriters Club?

Me, Jaffaman Eddie, the Commander In Chief of Creative Copywriting & Content Solutions. I’ve been in the copywriting and marketing industry for over 32 years and have been operating my own copywriting and content writing business since 2003. 

Thee days I have in-house copywriters and content writers, feed projects to copywriter club members and have clients all over Australia. From Jim’s Franchises to Accountants, to financial planners to tradies and everyone in between.

We’re also one of Australia’s most influential and recognised copywriting and content writing services. 

In 2018 alone we wrote and supplied over 4 million words of copy and content to our customers!

I’ve also been published in more online and offline publications than I can remember, spoke at my fair share of events and made all the mistakes so you can avoid them when it comes to marketing your freelance copywriting or content writing business successfully.


Get started with a Creative Copywriting Copywriters Club membership today!

Apart from learning how to market your own freelance copywriting business better, you’ll also be aligning yourself with one of Australia’s leading copywriting and content writing services.

To get your Creative Copywriting Copywriters Club Annual membership email us with your details for your tax invoice or call me direct at Creative Copywriting & Content Solutions direct on 0412 288 339.

With Gratitude
Jaffaman Eddie
Commander In Chief
Creative Copywriting & Content Solutions
‘Igniting Words Into Money With A Love Your Sales Copy Guarantee.’
Ph. 0412 288 339

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