Why Australian Businesses Choose Creative Copywriting

& why we’re anything but your ordinary plane jane copywriter, content and marketing service

Some clients love the peace of mind they get with our “Love Your Sales Copy” Guarantee. Others love knowing we’ve been around for over 13 years so we’re here to stay. Some customers say we’re easy and fun to deal with and they get great results. Other clients love knowing they can pick up the phone and tap into my 30 years combined direct response marketing and copywriting expertise whenever they need to.

When you add that to the fact that I and my team live and breathe outrageous marketing, copywriting and business building using the same billion dollar copywriting and marketing strategies icons such as Jay AbrahamDan KennedyGene SchwartzTed Nicholas and many others it’s easy to see why many try to copy us but none of them can ever match us.

The Creative Copywriting Solutions Differences

1.  There’s a reason every single word we write for you is written by our team of Australian content and copywriters who are also focused and experienced in marketing.
If you’re an Australian business marketing to Australians it makes sense to use a copywriter service that understands the Australian language, culture, and Australia’s business landscape.

2. “Love Your Copy” or we’ll rewrite FREE Guarantee! With a 93% customer repeat and referral rate, most of the 926 clients we’ve written direct response copy for since 2003 have been really pleased with the online and offline copywriting we’ve done for them. However if you are not, tell us what you don’t like it and we’ll rewrite it to your specific guidelines once FREE.

3. FREE  ‘After Project’ Service. This awesome ‘After Project’ copywriter service means you’ll receive FREE cosmetic edits and tweaks on the headline, copy or offer on any project we’ve done for you. You get to use this service once the copy we’ve written for you has been ‘live‘ ‘tested’ and ‘measured’ in the marketplace for 6-8 weeks. FREE ‘After Project’ service applies to projects of $1,000 and over only.

4. Niche bloggers, marketing staff, and copywriters who know your target audience almost, as well as you, do for maximum results. Over the past 13 years, our team of content writers direct response copywriters and marketers has written sales lettersSEO and website copy, yellow page ads, free report downloads and newspaper print ads for many businesses, products, and services.

Two of my passions. Surfing and helping businesses show up like no one else.

5. Save Your Cash Flow Payment Plans. Think increasing your marketing returns using a professional Gold Coast copywriter service will cost you a fortune? With our Save your Cash Flow Payment Plans it won’t!

6. 13 years service and going strong. We are a family business and are known as one of Australia’s leading copywriter, content and marketing agencies since we started in 2003. With an average 93% referral and repeat rate, our clients are happy to use and refer us to others because we focus on delivering you with maximum returns on your marketing spend writing sales copy that “Ignites Words Into Money with a Love your Sales Copy Guarantee.”

7. Options and win/wins. You’ve contacted us help and we’re not interested in just ‘finding you, flogging you and forgetting you.’ So if you get a costing from us and it’s not within your budget let us know and we’ll give some alternatives.

8. Content, Copy and Marketing Short Courses. We also provide content writing, marketing, and copywriting courses and workshops for small businesses. For our latest Copywriter Short Course guide call me on 0412 288 339 or complete the contact form below.

9. Done For You Marketing services and packages. If you’re a small business owner I know from first-hand experience how busy you are and that sending e-newsletters, writing content, uploading videos to your website and other marketing you need to get done can not only be time-consuming but just another chore. With our “Done For You” marketing packages and services, we can write content to help generate new traffic to your website, upload videos and much more. Find out more about Content Marketing Packs here



No Hesitating

“Knowing Eddie’s work I had no hesitation in recommending him to one of my clients. Eddie took a detailed brief and provided suggestions with a very short turn around. He also kept me in the loop which is really important and appreciated. My client loved Eddies ideas and was happy with his work, so that was also good for me seeing as I recommended Eddie.

“Another great thing about Eddie is that he is not precious about his ideas and has an open dialogue with his clients. He is happy to make any changes that are requested.” Great KathY hogan Creative Copywriting work!”

Kathy Hogan, Gold Coast Entrepreneur


To be honest, the reasons why you’re here don’t matter. 

What matters is you’re here and deciding what you’re going to do next is crucial. If you’d like to share your marketing pains with me to see if I’m the one that can help you great. It’s a great way for you and me to check each other out at the same time and see if we can work together.

After all, that’s my ‘why’ for going into a business over 13 years ago. To help people in business get the marketing results they want so they make the money they deserve as well as my own selfish reasons which are to take charge of my own life, income and future just like you are

All the best

Jaffaman Eddie

The Guy In Charge T.G.I.C.

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