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Why Aussie Businesses Choose Us

& why we’re anything but your ordinary plane jane copywriting or marketing service

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Some clients love the peace of mind they get with our “Love Your Sales Copy” Guarantee. Others love knowing we’ve been around for over 11 years so we’re here to stay. Some customers say we’re easy and fun to deal with and they get great results and other people like  knowing they can pick up the phone and tap into my 26 years combined direct response marketing and copywriting experiences whenever they feel like it.  

When you add that to the fact that I and my team live and breathe outrageous marketing, copywriting and business building using the same billion dollar copywriting and marketing strategies icons such as Jay AbrahamDan KennedyGene SchwartzTed Nicholas and many others it’s easy to see why many try to copy us but none of them can ever match us.

1.  “Love Your Copy” or we’ll rewrite FREE Guarantee! With an 89% customer repeat and referral rate, most of the 714 clients we’ve written direct response copy for since 2003 have been really pleased with the online and offline copywriting we’ve done for them. However if you are not, tell us what you don’t like it and we’ll rewrite it to your specific guidelines once FREE.

2. FREE  ‘After Project’ Copywriting Service. This awesome ‘After Project’ copywriter service means you’ll receive FREE cosmetic edits and tweaks on the headline, copy or offer on any copywriting project we’ve done for you. You get to use this service once the copy we’ve written for you has been ‘live‘ ‘tested’ and ‘measured’ in the marketplace for 6-8 weeks. FREE ‘After Project’ copywriting service applies to projects of $600 and over only.

3. Niche copywriters who know your target audience almost, as well as you, do for maximum results. Over the past eight years, our team of direct response copywriters and marketers have written sales lettersSEO and website copy, yellow page ads, free reports downloads and newspaper print ads for lot’s of businesses, products and services.

Two of my passions. Surfing and helping businesses show up like no one else.

4On The Road Paid Session Copywriting audits, Gold Coast Businesses Only. This is where we’ll come to you and you’ll receive a written report audit or copy critique on your existing marketing piecesflyersprint ads or website to find out what’s good about it and what you can do to improve it from a lead generation and sales point of view.

From there you can take our idea’s and use them yourself or we can execute what we discussed with you in part or full. Either way, it’s a great strategy to have an independent copywriter and someone from the outside looking in if your business and marketing is worth more than $77 + GST to you.

5. Save Your Cash Flow Payment Plans. Think increasing your marketing returns using a professional Gold Coast copywriting service will cost you a fortune? With our Save your Cash Flow Payment Plans it won’t!

6. 11 years service and going strong. We are a family business and are quickly becoming one of the leading copywriting and marketing agencies since we started in 2003. With an average 91% referral and repeat rate, our clients are happy to use and refer us to others because we focus on delivering you with maximum returns on your marketing spend writing sales copy that “Ignites Words Into Money.”

7. Options and win/wins. You’ve contacted us help and we’re not interested in just ‘finding you, flogging you and forgetting you.’ So if you get a costing from us and it’s not within your budget let us know and we’ll give some alternatives.

8. Monthly Copywriting Bulletin Blasts. Improve your knowledge with these Free Copywriting and Marketing Bulletin Blast tips in video and text that you can action in your business and marketing today.


No Hesitating

“Knowing Eddie’s work I had no hesitation in recommending him to one of my clients. Eddie took a detailed brief and provided suggestions with a very short turn around. He also kept me in the loop which is really important and appreciated. My client loved Eddies ideas and was happy with his work, so that was also good for me seeing as I recommended Eddie.

“Another great thing about Eddie is that he is not precious about his ideas and has an open dialogue with his clients. He is happy to make any changes that are requested.” Great work!”

Kathy Hogan, Gold Coast Entrepreneur

Paula’s and other client’s confessions… 

“I value my business, marketing, time and money which is why I had to face the fact that I’m good with numbers and people and a ‘shocker’ at Copy Writing and Marketing. I tried writing my own direct response sales copy  to save a few bucks and all I got for my time, energy and money was a bigger hole in my pocket. So  I tried a few high end and expensive marketing companies. They  took my money and ran. So after seeing Eddie present at a copywriting event, I did two things.

First I got his $2 Gold Coin strategy pack which was choc o block full of marketing tips and strategies which were really practical, useful and easy to implement and then I hired him. That was over 10 months ago and those were two of the best things I’ve ever done for my life and business because since then I haven’t looked back.”  Paula Branigan, Accountant, Sydney.

Ben has a similar story. He’s an ego advertiser located on the Gold Coast who splashes out thousands on glossy brand image ads who came to me looking for new marketing offers and idea’s because he was not making any money. After changing his offer and his ego advertising mindset to a direct response marketing mindset, his marketing is now earning his business an extra $3,100 a month through increasing his existing customers average spend.

John. He used to write his own email autoresponder series because he thought it was easy but got no return for his efforts. So he tried using an offshore copywriting service and when that didn’t work he tried out a couple of journalism Uni students. After realising writing great sales copy is a real skill and wasting thousands of dollars he came to me and we’ve doubled the number of referrals he gets in 7 months. Then we have Michael who was chomping at the bit to find out how he could get more market-share, more of the right type of customers and stand out in a sea of sameness so he can create a better life and income for himself and his family and now we have…

You. Maybe you heard about me and the team at Eddies Copywriting & Marketing Centre or another Eddie business from someone else? Maybe a client of mine referred you? Maybe we met each other at a networking event or you attended one my copywriting or marketing presentations…

To be honest, the reasons why you’re here don’t matter. What matters is your here and deciding what you’re going to do next is crucial. If you’d like to share your marketing pains with me to see if I’m the one that can help you because great. It’s a great way for you and me to check each other out at the same time and see if we can work together.

After all, that’s my ‘why’ for going into a business over 13 years ago. To help newbies and seasoned pros in business get the marketing results they want so they make the money they deserve as well as my own selfish reasons which are to take charge of my own life, income and future just like you are!

Jaffaman Eddie

The Guy In Charge T.G.I.C.


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