Meet the people and businesses who use our Copywriting and Content Writing Services…

Creative Copywriting & Content Solutions has been providing copywriting and content writing services to a variety of people and businesses since 2003.

Many have been in Real Estate, Financial services, property investment and wealth creation.

Other customers, we’ve had have been in the Fitness industry, coffee industry, outdoor lifestyle furniture, professional service businesses, earthmoving and many other services which you can see below.

Every word of copy we write is written by us and we’re Australian copywriters living in Australia. Eddie's Copywriting and Marketing Centre Clients

So if you’re an Australian business with products and services to sell to Australians, this is a big advantage compared to the other options available to you. 

We’re not just an email address or one man show either! Our team of copywriters, content writers and marketers are marketing results focused. We live it and breathe it.  

This gives you the benefit of having niche specific and experienced copywriters for your specific industry who are dedicated and focused on delivering a return on investment to you.

To find out how we can help you improve your market share, results and build your business just as these clients and much more have done, please phone me on 0412 288 339.

For specific reviews from our customers in Accounting, Trade, and small business hover over the reviews menu at the top of this page and select your option underneath

Some of the people and businesses who’ve used Creative Copywriting & Content Solutions…

* Please note. Any website copy we have created for these clients may not be live yet, or have been changed but please call and I will give you two of my most recent referee’s. For more detailed information and testimonials about a specific industry who have used our copywriting services hover above the Review header on this website and select the industry of your choice.

Assurance Solar and Electrical

• Carts N Parts

• Custodian Wealthbuilders

• Vendzone

• Origin Water

• Gordyn & Palmer

• Ask Ernie

• Tropical Lifestyle

• Website Essentials

• Gold Coast Removalists

• Gold Coast Spring Water

• Juice 107.3 FM

• Real Estate Investor.

• TPC property services.

• Bronson Financial.

• King Neptune Pool centres.

• Lou’s Balloons

• IT Leaders


• AB Earthworks

•  Global Business Mentoring

• Select Designs

• Tony’s Termites

• Christies Beach Children’s Centre

• Personal Trainer website

• Schofield Dunn

As you can see, lot’s of variety. So whether you have an immediate project, a future need or are just curious, why not evaluate our copywriting and marketing services before you need them, not when a project or marketing campaign comes crashing around you.

Phone us on 0412 288 339 or complete the form at the bottom of this page



“Commercial Real Estate Agents Stampede For Three-Month FREEBIE”

Watch the Jaffaman TV interview below with Paul O’Brien of Commercial Property 2 Sell then click here to find out more.



Represent yourself and you’re a fool…

“Just like the legal profession say, if you represent yourself in court you have a fool for a client. The same can easily be said for marketing and, in particular, copywriting. Make the wise choice like I did and use Eddie.” Adam Select Designs


The Website Copy You Wrote Hit The Nail Right On The Head With Message & Sales…

“I’m over the moon!! There was not one moment while reading your copy that I felt iffy, I could not fault it! You hit the nail on the head with the web copy you wrote and the message that I wanted to put across to my target audience.” Thanks, Peter Colless CEO & Founder Home Biz Profit Systems


Stress-Free, A 24 Hour Urgent Turnaround, And A Positive Solution Experience Beyond Expectation…

Dear Eddie, Thank you for providing an easy and professional solution beyond our expectations. The response has been unbelievable. We were under pressure to produce a piece of copy for our brochure within a very tight timeframe.  Through a telephone call, you were able to attend  a meeting within one hour and had produced the copy within 24 hours. This ensured the brochure was produced well within the required deadline.

Previously our copy was written in-house and through the results, we realise the importance of using a professional lead generation copywriter for our marketing material. We would like to personally thank you for producing an amazing piece of copy write to attract new clients to and making it a totally stress-free, positive and professional experience. has no hesitation in recommending your services to our valuable clients and suppliers. Kind regards, Nicole Driscoll and Karen Thornton Directors Ph: 07 5528 4111


A Personal Touch…

“Eddie Bryant has worked with CRC over the past 6 months?I have worked closely with Eddie in the Lead generation side of the business. ?He has a list as long as your arm of ideas but he has worked it so the few idea’s that we have put in place, we have been able to track and monitor them. ?He is always on hand to take a call or answer a question, there is a personal touch in what he does and that’s rare. ?The work he has done is first class and I would highly recommend Eddie to anyone out there looking to grow their business. ?Hats off to the man in Orange.”

Darren Cook

CRC Business Solutions


Creative Thinking…

Eddie is a creative thinker who has the potential to bring great benefits to many businesses in the SME sector.”

Scott Jones

IT Leaders


Eddie’s a Jack In The Box…

“I gave Eddie our Business Goals, Ethos and Overview and like a Jack-In-the-box, he came out with so many creative, practical and exciting ideas, our marketing is just about covered for the next 2 years. Thank you, Eddie, I just love your copy, marketing and your outside the corporate box

strategies.” Kathy Kirov Director Coupon Gold


Jaffaman Eddie
The Guy In Charge T.G.I.C.
Eddie’s Enterprises
Ph:0412 288 339

Head Office address – 18 Brendan Drive, Nerang, Qld 4211 Australia

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