Here’s the online Spring edition of the ECMC Moneymaker Entrepreneur magazine for your reading and marketing enjoyment.

Online Spring Money Maker Mag

If you’d prefer a hardcopy version, email me and I’ll  mail you one. Don’t forget to include your postal address in the email.

Inside this edition discover tips and techniques to

• Choreograph your perfect customer

• Business habits you need to drop quicker than a hot potato today

• Why writing copy, building brand and marketing your business is a lot like playing a gig

• How you could win a $2,500 website a FREE ad in the Summer edition of the Moneymaker and more for $2

• 5 simple steps to getting into the zone for greater success with Wayne Donelly and loads more

Enjoy and if you have any questions or comments reach out to me!

Remember, “Without marketing nothing happens.”

Have an awesome day

Jaffaman Eddie and the crew

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