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Creative Copywriting & Content Solutions is a professional copywriter service providing winning copywriting to businesses all over Australia. Based on the Gold Coast, we’ve been writing copy and content to boost new and repeat sales and organic and paid search engine rankings for a wide range of businesses and industries since 2003. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What type of copywriting do you provide?

A: In the digital world we write SEO and website copy. We also provide copywriting for banner ads, pay per click ads, e-books, lead magnets, landing pages, blogs and email auto-responders.

People also use our copywriting for their lead generation ads, direct response, tagline creation, brochures, business presentation packs, shock ‘n’ awe packs and more.

And of course, we also provide businesses with a range of content writing services as well such as franchise information packs, article writing, press releases and so on.

Q: Do you outsource my project?

A: No. Every word of copy or content we write is written by my team of copywriters and myself. It will never be outsourced. We believe that if you’re an Australian business, you need an Australian copywriting service that understands the Australian language. Our team understands the Australian business and marketing environment, as well as how Australians (your customers) think. On top of that, when you use our services you’re buying mine and my teams combined experience. This is something we take seriously because we’re in partnership and connection with you.

Q: What types of people and businesses use Creative Copywriting & Content Solutions?copywriting services F&Q's guarantee image

A: Creative Copywriting & Content Solutions is used by a wide range of people and business types. Some of our clients include but are not limited to:

• Real estate agencies

• Business coaches

• Property and financial services

• Accounting practices

• Franchises

• Trade services, as well as retail and hobby businesses. These include industries like fishing and car dealerships, animal businesses and a range of small businesses owners.

Q: Do you accept credit cards?

A: We sure do!

Q: Do you have criteria for clients?

A: Yes. If it’s illegal or I don’t feel its a win/win for you or us, we don’t do it. If you and I are not a match or committed to the same goal, then our copywriter services are not for you.

Q: What makes you different from other copywriters?

A: For a start, we’ve been in business since 2003 – so I’ve seen a lot of businesses come and go. Secondly, I’ve been involved in the industry in one way or another for over 30 years. I’ve spent the past 13 years building my own brand, which now has multiple successful businesses under it. On top of that, I’ve been published in many online and offline publications such as the Australian Entrepreneurs book, and have been interviewed and presented at countless events.

Then we have other reasons why people choose us which you can read about here

Q: You say you guarantee satisfaction, so how does that guarantee work exactly?

A: Most clients are really pleased with the copy we write. However, if you aren’t happy with the finished result, please don’t hesitate to tell me what you don’t like about it. I will rewrite the copy to your specific guidelines at my expense once.

Q: What happens if I don’t like the resupplied version?

A:  I think it is important to remember your marketing isn’t or shouldn’t be about you. It’s about what message brings the most money through the door. Having worked in the industry for over 30 years, that’s the belief and our customers appreciate this honesty. So if you don’t agree with that marketing concept it may be best that we go our own ways before we do any business together.

Q: Can you guarantee results?

A:  Can you control people’s buying patterns? Of course not. I can’t guarantee success because when you market a product or service there are a lot of variables to consider. Price, consumer preferences, are they existing or new customers and current events. Marketing success comes down to whether or not you are pro-active with your marketing consistently or whether you just do it once in a while. These are issues and variables that I cannot control.

So while I am happy to guarantee the copy I write, due to marketing, financial and other variables, I cannot control things such as interest rates. Therefore, I cannot guarantee specific sales results.

Q: So how do I know if the copy you write will beat my control package or even make money?

A: You don’t and neither do I. You are hiring my team and me as your professional copywriters. Our goal is to increase the likelihood that the copy we write based on our years of experience in writing online and offline sales copy will outperform your current marketing.

No-one has the guaranteed formula for beating a current control or ensuring a winning promotion every time.

Q: What do you need from me?

A: Your invaluable insight into what you think makes your business/product or service different, your honesty and for you to understand that our time is just as important as yours. 

Q: What is the normal timeline from start to finish? Copywriting services Gold Coast

A: It all depends on what the project is, the complexity of the project, your availability, and my schedule at the time. However, I’ll give you an expected first draft supply date when I cost your project.

Q: What happens if I hire you and for some reason, I have to cancel or delay?

A: Delays are OK to a point as long as you let me know and I don’t have to chase you endlessly. Out time is just as important as yours. Part of our service is to keep things on track for you.

Q: Will you write copy for free first and get a return on the profits?

A: No. Your time, product or service and skills are extremely valuable and so is mine. Your project will not be started until payment has been received.

Q: What’s your Save Your Cash Flow, Easy Pay payment plan system for projects over $900AUD?

A: If your project is under $2,000 and you are a first-time customer, payment is required in full up front before your project is started. Nothing personal, just a business rule I have.

Once you receive your cost I’ll outline a suggested weekly payment plan if your project is over $2,000 AUD. Clients love this because they only have to pay the 50% deposit to get started, which makes payment easier for them, easier on their cash flow and keeps their project on track.

Then once you receive the first draft of copy from me, your weekly payment plan kicks in.

This is only for projects valued at $2,000 AUD or more, and failure to keep to the payment schedule once we have started may result in your project being held back. I also require the details of a valid credit card from you which I use for security purposes. Or, you can have your weekly payments deducted from the credit card that you supply if you prefer.

Q: Do you work on royalty or mailing fees?

A: Yes, I am always interested in that arrangement. However, we still require our usual payment upfront for projects under $2,000 AUD or 50% deposit for over $2,000 AUD.

Q: So why would I want to pay you your normal fee and a royalty fee?

A: So I can generate new ideas and sales copy for you on a consistent basis. This will also help me build a relationship with you and get a solid a feel for your business over a period of time. In turn, this will help you maximise your marketing profits for the long term. 

Q: If you write a project for me and I want to tweak it or test a series of different headlines do you write those for free?

A: If your project was over $2,000 in value, then yes. However, this is only for the copywriting we have already done for you. It is in my best interests to serve you as well as I can, so I have a financial and copywriting interest to keep writing and supplying you with winning copywriting for your marketing.

If I am not receiving royalty or mailing fee payments, there will be a cost that I would quote you on to write or tweak your copy before I started.

Q: How does it all come together?

I’ll let you know how it all comes together once you contact me. Your quote also includes a  “How Your Projects Come To Life” schedule in it as well.

For more information about our copywriter, content and marketing services call the Jaffaman hotline on 0412 288 339 for the quickest answers. Alternatively, you can email me here.

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